What has the FIRST experience done for you?

Use this thread to post what FIRST has done for you.

Has tought me more than all the rest of high school combined.

I have gone from a sore loser to a gracious professionalist.

I have gone from caring about winning to caring about being friends with my opponents.

I have gone from being an isolationist, a stoic, a serious highschooler to an out-going, traveling, happy easy-going individual.

It has been my renaissance.

I have gone from having obscure, unique, imaginative ideas with no basis for reality to having obscure, unique, imaginative ideas created before me.

I have gone from a lazy highschooler to a hard working roboticist.

I have gone from having a hurt amount of pride from several horrible and frustrating years of soccer (9 of them, 7 in dead last) to being proud of my life through FIRST.

I have gone from looking out for me and me only to working every non school hour to trying to spread FIRST.

It has brought my Dad and I closer together as we work hand in hand on this team.

I have been introduced to my closest friends.

I have hope for mankind in the future.

I live a dream.

It has given me reason to live on during several darker occasions.
I am here today because of this and my team. FIRST quite literally saved my life.

And changed it.

I give my life to FIRST because FIRST gave my life to me.

I am Keith Chester, a proud member of FIRST.

<applause>Bravo! Bravo!</applause> That is the best post I have read in a long time. I actually got chills from reading it, it touched me so much.

Can you spotlight an entire Post? :smiley:

Everything Possible.

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**Can you spotlight an entire Post? :smiley: **

i hope so because that was definitely memorable and really touched me

Replic: wow.

Erin: exactly!

FIRST has done a lot for me. Probably the most important thing is that it motivates me. Especially lately, I have had a great lack of motivation to do anything. When I feel like this, I pull out some pictures, watch some videos, or read over old technical notes (all FIRST stuff). That does it over and over again. I’d be willing to even go so far as to say I probably wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning if it wasn’t for FIRST :slight_smile:

FIRST has done an unbelievable amount for me.

For starters, FIRST got me up and out of the house and doing something. I’ve met many interesting people, seen places that I have never been too, and done things I had no idea about.

I’ve worked on an engineering project, I’ve worked in public relations, and I’ve made many a presentation. I’ve driven a national champion robot (Lil’ MOE forever!), taught the Delaware senator to do the same, and made so many new friends, local and abroad.

FIRST has taught me so much about myself. I never realized my own potential and capabilities until they were tested so rigorously in FIRST.

I never thought I was a leader until I was the head of a sub-team, I never thought I was a negotiator until I was a student ambassador, and I never thought how good a person I was until I was surrounded by people who have dubbed me Skippy.

FIRST showed me how to succeed at one of the most difficult, yet important things: Life.

I made me a more outgoing person. I was a real shy kid. Somehow wearing a neon Radioactive Green, clapping MOEstix, screaming at the top of my lungs and dancing in a crowd of 16,000 people knocked the shyness right out of me :smiley: . Meeting so many of those interesting people helped also.

I got practical experience in engineering which has set me ahead of my classmates and helped me get a great summer job.

O, and I can’t forget $40,000 worth of scholarship money. It helped me choose University of Delaware and I love it here.

A brighter view of the future…

FIRST has given me another family, Ive become really close with a lot of our team. My mom and I have gotten a lot closer, shes my best friend now. We tell each other everything…whether we wanna hear it or not. LOL:D Its given me more confidence, helped me to realize winning isn’t everything. (And second place, no matter how disappointing because it was so close, is really good) It has also giving me something to look forward to besides Summer. CAN’T WAIT TILL THE SIX WEEKS!!! :smiley:

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**(And second place, no matter how disappointing because it was so close, is really good) **
:wink: They did remember second place that time.:wink:

FIRST has given me $5,000 from the ASME :smiley: cause…

FIRST has given me something that makes me say “I’m going to be an engineer.”

FIRST has given me… motivation (125 Stayin’ Alive!)

FIRST is given me… “So that’s why we need to know this…” versus the normal “Why are we learning this?”

FIRST has given me some of the best people in the world as my “true” peers and friends as well as mentors to turn to and ask for help (“S.P.A.M. in the place that you live” always)…

…and I would never be here at Northeastern without being in FIRST. (Heck all the schools I applied to had FIRST teams!)

FIRST has helped shaped my life… its the best addiction ever.

It might not be directly realted as some changes are but since joinginf FIRST I have gone from the biggest fouler on my b-ball team to recieving the League’s Sportsmanship Award. Also it has taught me so much about engineering and life such as dont shuffle ur feet while wearing sandles in Florida (sigh… Epcot… AHHHHHH!!! FIRE ANTS!!!)

I agree with THE LUCAS, FIRST has definitely killed most of my shyness. In some ways, FIRST has made me a bit TOO crazy. The 6 week build period really taught me how to cuss…

It is also good to see that high school students CAN make really cool robots. I think many adults are under the impression that teens can’t do a professional job on anything, but FIRST showed me that people like us can really do some amazing things.

Oh yeah, and now I cannot bring myself to hate math class like I used to. I’m sure that without FIRST involvement I would have been outta that calc class by now.

do not send hatemail Via, Helium balloon
do not bang on the glass when your bot isn’t working
do not construct pneumatic projectile weapons and fire them inside the shop
do not put 0.125" aluminum in a sheet metal bender
do not get banned from Chiefdelphi
Do not stand straddled acrossross a pneumatic part of your robot
Always wear safety glasses when jagged pieces of metal can project themselves into your eyes
the arc welder Will give you a wicked nasty sunburn
Do not Hit girls with heart murmurers in the chest
super-glue is The Perfect Band-aid
television tubes Hold an electric charge
Black=positive, red=negative, Or UM… ehh? the other way maby?
shards of steel that cannot be grasped can be removed from your skin with a magnet, But not stainless steel
The most important thing to have at a comp is Good shoes
The robot cart has to be Totally PIMP!
How to beg for money and how to wash cars
how to jimmy rig a 40 Amp Breaker not to Break
how to Flirt with Girls
how to totally confuse your alliance partners
keep your fingers out of moving parts
Zip ties are the perfect replacement for shoelaces
The shop floor will Always have the wrappers of Junk food on it
To “Close” a circuit means “ON”

see “fiction and fact from the Tytus almanac” for more

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how to Flirt with Girls

Another life touched by the FIRST program. :wink:

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how to Flirt with Girls

Another side affect Dean didn’t think of. But how many FIRST couples are there? Specifically those from different teams?

I agree with Dirty Harry and THE LUCAS, FIRST does kill shyness. It killed mine.

Through FIRST I have experienced:

  • That friends come from all over
  • That people are generally nice and worth tusting
  • That hardwork pays off
  • I have gone from a weak high school student to a strong hard-working college student.
  • I have learned that those who are younger than you, may still be wiser
  • I have learned the true meaning of friendship, but in the process I have learned the meaning of loss.
  • FIRST taught me how to be a leader, how to have power, but not abuse it.
  • I have learned the importance of teamwork and listening.
  • the idea of a second family
  • most importantly, I have become a stronger person because of FIRST and the FIRST community. FIRST has seen me through hard times, even when I wanted to turn away. It made me continue to solve problems, and change things if I wanted to stay involved.
    *]FIRST has taught me how to be a better person.