What has your team been living off of for the past 6 weeks???

Just wondering what types of food you have been living off of while working on your robot? Our team has had pizza almost 3-4 times a week or more. Just wondering.


It’s wonderful- my parents and others can really cook, so we’ve been eating quite well. It also helps to have a dinner-bearer scheduled for each day as opposed to becoming hungry and running out for pizza. We had ham, salad, bread, and pie last night. Life is good!

Everyonce in a while our mentor gets us pizza but most of the six weeks we have been eating Ramen Chicken Soup. Just because it takes 5 minutes to make them. They taste good too :smiley:

For us it was more like “get your own food”
so i’ve been living off of snickers, pizza and stranahan water…

Most of 1293 has been living off of Subway during the season, due to the fact that it’s the closest thing to the school.

Over the season, I have filled out two and a half Sub Club cards.

Pizza, McD’s, chips, cupcakes, candy, and lots of caffine haha, today we emptied out the fridge with pizza from like 2 weeks ago, from like 3 different places. :ahh:

DP Dough

One of our team member’s parents owns the largest vegetarian restaurant in Ithaca, Moosewood. We get delicious desserts and/or complete dinners almost every night. Moosewood is awesome!

Pizza? Man, you guys’re lucky. :stuck_out_tongue: Though the food we HAVE had hasn’t been half bad-- coffee is provided on a regular basis (courtesy of the wife of one of our mentors), and so are cookies. Really nice cookies. And since a lot of us seem to bring our own lunch anyway, that’s plenty in the way of snacks as far as I’m concerned. :slight_smile:

hmm…shameless to say JUNKFOOOD! someparents bought lik 150$ worth of junk food filedl 3 boxes, and we only finshed 1 out of 3 boxes:p. besides from junk food we ordered pizza once a week or twice a week. guess what’s really funny finshing 36 bottles of water less than a day and there was only 6 people that day…


adrenaline, anger (at drilling the hole 1/16" off), coke, and mountain dew

We stay each day after school until around 5, but now that were in crunch time, its more like 11… each of the nites we stay super late, we have a parent bring in dinner… so far weve had fried chicken, lasagna (sp?), and of course pizza for lunch a few of the days…and were havin spagetti tomorrow nite!!

Well, you have. Some of us weren’t lucky enough to get Pot Noodles as part of our lunch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Our team has a system that each student is responsible for bringing about 2 meals for the team during the season (I’m sure the parents help out a little :rolleyes: . Its really been great to have a good meal every night. On other nights we actually called up Boston Market or Hungry Howies and they donate food to our team…so we always seem to eat pretty good. :smiley:

Our team has been living off of Pizza Hut pizza (thanks Michael Cai for beging the driver to pick it up!) I memorized out order too! lol 1 large Veggie (for Raul and who else wants veggie) and 2 cheese for the rest of us. We also live on Wendys since its right down the street.
I also bought food like chips and fruit rolls up and gushers for us mechanical people for the past week because so we dont ahveta go to the venindg machines. yeah im nice arent i lol

Programmers fuel: pure, unadulterated caffeinated beverages.

Haha. we just scrounge. a while ago we got someone to bring in some sams value packs of popcorn, so we live off popcorn (we had about 50 packs). We also have some chex mix lying around, and lots of sodas. We got some Dr. Perky, and for a while we were going to name the robot Dr. Perky. That kinda got shot down :slight_smile: We are right next to the downtown mall in Charlottesville so we just run over and get pizzas when we want something more. Enterprising moms sometimes bake us brownies :-)) or doughnuts :smiley:

This year there seems to be some hot dog fetish or something. :stuck_out_tongue: Me personally, I like the cocoa on the cold nights working in the abandoned Ames building with no heat.

Mostly the 99 cent menu at Wendys. Everone writes down what they want and pays. Someone goes and orders it, Wendys goes insane making chicken nuggets, fries, and Jr. Bacon cheeseburgers, and then we eat it all…YUM! :slight_smile:

Q:What has your team been living off of for the past 6 weeks???
A: Hope with a side of hard work and a supersize order of determination.

You guys are going to hate me for posting this, but we’ve been virtually spoiled for the last 6 weeks. One of our members’ mom owns a restaurant in town and she brings us food everyday to our meetings. She is literally the lifeforce that binds this team together. Without her, we’d all weigh 10 pounds more than we did at the start of the six weeks. So let me take this opportunity to say thank you.