What have the game rules encryption passwords been for the past few years?

This is just out of curiosity.

Normally an 4lph4-numer1c, mUlti-CAse combo that has something to do with the game… Ultimate Ascent was ‘saucersflyrobotsclimb’ but with variations.

2014: 3Zones2Goals1Alliance!
2013: sAucersFlyRobotsClimb!
2012: !HotShots!KnowBalance!](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1097942&postcount=206)

Vets Hurdling FIRST Tetras.

Oh. Wait. That one was actually Drive!Straight?Turn!Left or something like that (2008).

2007: 7sBg8H4x2f3R9C3tm5


FIRST sure has come a long way.

2011: 5Time4For3Robots2To1Dance!

2015: 2spooky4u


Password is Taco

2015: 3Robots2Corndogs1HawaiianPizza!

2015: password1234

See, only an idiot would put their password as “password123”, but once you add the 4 it’s a whole new tier of encryption. It’d take any espionage agency /YEARS/ to unlock the treasures that lay behind such a key phrase.


Not quite. You’ve GOT to go to 6, because 1-2-3-4-5 is the kind of thing an idiot would use for his luggage.

Remind me to change the lock on my luggage.

2015: 1scubadiver1hawaiianpizza

How did you already get the correct key? :open_mouth:

So as soon as Frank says Hawaiian pizzas are bad everyone loves them. I wonder if when frank says not to jump off the Empire State Building there will be a spike in the number of dead bodies found at its foot.

Well that escalated quickly.