What Have You Been Doing Since Ship

I know that its a little late for this, knowing that regional have started and what not. But I just wanted to know, sense the build season is over and you have all this time on your hands what have you been doing.

For me I had a week of sitting at my comp trying to remember everything I wanted to do before the build season. I’m still trying to get use to not having to go to the shop everyday. Our team still meets just not everyday.

I’ve have found that all my best ideas come in the week after the robot ships. Then I spend the rest of the time until competition wishing that I would have thought of those ideas before ship date.

Our team took on the task of redesigning our pit. The previous version was too big and bulky, so we split it in two. We wanted to do something with the robot cart, but ran out of time.

Since ship, let’s see…

-Appearing on television
-Designing T-shirts
-Scrapbooking all of our feats of varying levels of notoriety this season
-Making buttons
-Packing and prioritizing for Chesapeake (We’re only bringing two minibuses for the entire operation, so space is at a premium.)
-Plotting for how to improve our competitiveness after watching New Jersey (which has a nice overlap with Chesapeake teamwise)

We’ve been rather busy.

  • Enjoying “free time” (what’s that?)
  • Building spare parts in the Fix-it window
  • Winning a regional :smiley:
  • Celebrating with friends and teammates

yeah i did that and i tried something new called

its actually a nice but it feels really weird

um. sleep

I am going home at 5:00 and feel like I’m forgetting something, then realize that you’re supposed to go home then.

Hosting the FTC Championship Tournament - Connecticut.
Volunteering at the FTC Championship Tournament - Massachusetts.
Volunteering at the FTC Championship Tournament - Rhode Island.
Volunteering at the FLL Boston PowerPlay tournament - Massachusetts.
Planning for the upcoming FRC Regional Competition - Connecticut.
Recruiting for the upcoming FTC World Championships - Atlanta.
Talking to lots and lots of teams.
Attending lots and lots of meetings.
Trying to get caught up at work so I can take lots of vacation in the next 30 days.

We’ve been meeting/going to events every day.

At first, we made spare parts during our fix-it window. The week of ship was also during our school’s February break, so we organized team activities like team bowling day, team movie night, etc.

After that week, our spirit team kicked into high gear because there was less focus on getting a robot shipped. Our drive team practiced with our second robot- we’ve been doing lots and lots and lots of practicing.

We also have done a lot of community-related stuff; we’ve done demonstrations with our robot at the local public library, and spoke at our eighth grade “step up” night that introduces them to the high school. We also had some local fundraisers where we brought the robot.

We brought our team to volunteer at the Connecticut FTC Tournament, which was awesome! It was great to experience things from the other side- it really puts the effort of the volunteers in perspective, and makes me respect them even more.

During week one and week two regionals, we watched the webcasts and tried to get a feel for the game, strategy ideas, things to do and not to do, etc. We’ve been doing a lot of match analysis to try and help our own game play. Watching the awards ceremonies was exciting, too.

And tomorrow, we’re having our last big event before our regional (starts Thurs)- a team pep rally. Our team members, their families, and major sponsors will be there. We’re going to talk about all the stuff we did this year. We’re also going to show them the robot and play some matches for them. It’s a really good chance to explain the game to families/friends before they come to the regional. Our spirit team will also teach them the cheers, and hopefully get everyone pumped up for the regional. Plus we’re having ice cream!

Wow, I didn’t realize how busy I’ve been!

Waiting for the Wisconsin Regional…seriously I been annoying everyone with a countdown. 2 MORE DAYS!!!


also i have been playing with my linux install on my computer and writing letters to people in HTML on PLAIN LOOSELEAF PAPER! my friends just laughed!

of course with my luck i got a cold right before reigonals. BUT IM RECOVERING thanks to zycam!

i also started a countdown until next build season. i cant wait.

Since ship? I have been on CD almost all day every day. I have been catching up on the new episodes of Bleach on Veoh. Talking to people from teams about comepetitions and the various things that relate. And pretty much not having a life. Also I have been watching the webcasts to get data on bots that will be at Philadelphia Regional and the Championship.

we’ve been working on our fourth robot already. The competition robot was number three i believe and we had 1 and a half done prior to the start of the season.

You’re not supposed to start build the robot you intend on entering until the Build begins.

These robots arent for competition its just an off season robot