What have you done in past years?

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Well, looks to me like I’m going to be the one to take on the Chairman’s award along with the website for Tigerbolt next year - and lets face it, it’s never too early to start thinking about it! I know in past years my old team has done videos and booklets, and one year even a cereal box modeled on “Team Cheerios” but with floppies instead :slight_smile: So how about it - what kind of projects have your teams done for Chairman’s in past years?

~ lora

For this season of FIRST, RAGE did a “spoof” of the all known Scrooge, by Charles Dickens.

In our spoof, a bully is visited by the ghost of FIRST past, present and future and is converted into a good kid, because of our team.

~Don’t quote me on the storyline

this year 237 wrote the whole chairmans award in Seuss-ical rhyme style.

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Being from 2 different teams that won the Chairman’s finalist award (#1 in 2000 and #65 in 2001) has given me a broad perspective on what submissions should be like. I am leaning towards believing that the judges like simple, clear, professional submissions (for video) and clear submissions on paper (in 2000, I made a one page paper submission to fill the 1 minute our video didn’t, and in 2001 the Huskie Brigade made a very clear, well-organized professionally bound paper submission). I have also found that THE SUBMISSION DEFINITELY IS HALF OR LESS OF HOW IT IS JUDGED.
Decorative, professional, informative pit displays and judge packets outlining your team’s strengths are a major plus. Having all of your students know what are they are supposed to talk about is also good (three simple rules: don’t say uh!, don’t say I DON’T KNOW! and don’t turn your back on a judge!!! ever!!!)
Also, having a clean pit is a plus, having your students looking ethusiastic and ready to talk is a plus, and being very well organized makes a judge think that you are worth their time. Of course, these are just observations. But when I have handed out awards with my teams in the past, we head towards teams that have all of these qualities (192, 177, 175…many others- all great examples of an interesting pit). Well…just thought I would talk a little bit about the subject…thanks for listening :slight_smile: