What have you found to be the right time and throttle


I created a program quickly before bag and tag day that moves our robot for x seconds with x throttle but never had time to get it the EXACT distance/time for the proper distance from the bridge to the key. For teams that HAVE what is the amount of throttle/time you used to do this? I know it wont be perfect for our robot but it would save a lot of time if I could a pretty close estimate to what I need to have it set to.

If you want to drive a certain distance repeatably, you really need to have some sort of odometer. What kind of gearbox are you using in your drivetrain? Is there anywhere you can install an encoder to measure how far your robot is moving?

No, just once in autonomous. I made a topic earlier here about it because I had no idea a safety config existed which is disabled…but there was only 1 team meeting left and our build team worked on bumpers and re positioning various parts of the robot the entire night so I had no time to actually test it.

I am not big on the building aspect but we are using 2 motors. The standard black ones from the KOP along with the standard sprockets.

I believe I have to make the robot travel roughly 88 inches. I have no known way I can possibly test this before our team’s competition on Thursday-Saturday.

What question are you answering with the first “No”?

If you don’t know the details of your robot’s drivtrain, see if you can talk to someone who does. You do need some way of measuring distance traveled in order to travel a specified distance with any confidence.

we have our robot running at about 10 fps and we have the motors set at .7 and a time of 2.2 seconds works perfect everytime we did the same thing as u guys and we tried out autonomus our first match and it backed up and balanced on the bridge it was at 3.2 so we took of a second and its worked good ever since

If you can, take a look at the rangefinder from the KOP. Wire it to function as a digital device, and connect it to the Digital Sidecar. Make sure it’s mounted higher than the fender, so you can tell how far from the wall you are. From there, you can set your robot to drive at x speed until the rangefinder reads y distance. (Y distance being the distance the edge of the fender is from the actual wall, plus an inch or so).

Wow, I cannot believe I answered that…it was a very late night for me.

I will be more clear, or at least try:

We are using the standard KOP frame and have a 4 wheel drive with all 4 wheels powered by 2 motors. We are using the standard KOP wheels for our 4 wheels. Oh yes, I think the no was a response to the last question.

Thanks for all the responses.

That implies that you’re also using the CIMple Box from the Kit of Parts. If this is true, then you have a ready-made solution for measuring robot travel. They come with USDigital E4P quadrature encoders that mount directly to the gearbox. Connect the wires as detailed in the LabVIEW Encoder example.