What I do At Work

Many of you have asked what I do in my day job. Well here is one of the microphones I repair. This is not the smallest thing I work on but it is definitely challenging. Our field production units damage these on a regular basis. The mic is a Sony ECM77B. The second pic is just prior to closing the connector. The third is the mic with long nose pliers and scribe for reference.

Nice. Looks like that iron has been around for awhile :slight_smile:

So, you iron all day?

That’s what my boss said, although I think he was actually talking about me.
Yes, it’s a sweat shop here. Help!

Even smaller is the 1.4 mm Phillips screw that locks the shell on the connector.

Did you intend to invite other responses as to what other CD denizens do at work? If so, here are a couple of old threads on this general topic: 2004and 2012-2013.

As I was taking a break from this miniature work when I thought about some of the students who ask me sometimes what types of equipment I work on. It is easy to get cross eyed working on this stuff.

That’s not disgusting lead-free solder is it?

Thankfully, no.

What flavor of radio’s are you plugging the mic into?

These are Sony’s.

So no countryman mic cables :-), those things are scary thin and very prone to fail right at the transition from the cable to the ear-piece. I especially don’t like then when connected to Shure belt packs.

These are about the same as the Countryman but are three conductors plus a shield.