what i think heard put together

there is a main structure in the center. it has 3 “parts” to it they all do different things

there is some sort of sturture or object involving the player station or near a player station

oh and personally i think there is a game object (ball cube whatever) but there could be many of them of a few.

to sum it up there is a big structure in the middle with i am going out on a limb here 3 different ways to score in the middle and a way to score/interact near the player station. and there is(are) game object(S)

what do u think? we’ll see if i am right in… oh 8 hours or so

i am pretty sure i am right

i hope there’s climbing. i mean climbing steps or stairs… 2000’s ramp and 2001’s bridge were ok, but 1999 was my favorite year… bring back climbing and floppies!! woohoo!! =-]