What if cargo doesn't roll out after sandstorm?

We were wondering if a cargo didn’t roll out …
Could we put a panel on it and score it?
Would it be a field fault?

Yeah, its unlikely, just wondering if anyone knows if this is in the rules anywhere.


Gravity is still a thing in Destination Deep Space.


What if the plates in the cargo ship fail to tilt and eject the cargo? Gravity isn’t going to help there. It’s unlikely but possible.

That’s a field fault. If that happened for my opponent there’s a 0% chance I don’t have somebody in the question box.



We take those.

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I see what you did there

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… I also like free points.

Free points if you get away with it.
Field fault if caught early, or if those points matter in the final outcome.

This is all assuming that the Refs don’t direct the Scorers recording the balls and hatches to ignore the stuck cargo.

That’s actually something that the head ref might just have corrected by the scorekeeper post match. I think that’s the easiest response.
If it happens during a match I’d be sure to drop a second cargo into the hold to be assured of getting points.
Then a drive team member needs to talk to the head ref immediately after the match if you want to find out how it got scored. A ref has to witness it though.

Excellent point.

It will basically always roll out. Since you know, gravity.