what if thunderchickens and ..

Sorry if this was touched upon elsewere.
What if thunderchickens and the pink team get in finals and sit one above the other in the stands?:rolleyes: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
It was a late night, forgive me.

Paul, where’s the camera???

We decided that the camera will not matter much this year.

Looks like 217 will be unaffected by that.

Geeez, and i thought that the first come-back would be–"What do you mean what if.:slight_smile:

You of all people should know that that’ll only happen in Atlanta (assuming that both teams make it there–safe bet)! And then only if they’re in the same division…

And by then, every programmer out there will have figured out how to deal with it–any damage to Pink or the Chickens will be their own fault for attracting a full-speed shooter robot’s attention.

If Pink and the Thunderchickens were on the same field on Einstein we’d all get eyestrain from the color overload.

I think the real question is what if Joe Perrotto or John Larock wears a pink hat.

It will make for the most interesting/intense/crazy match of all time for FIRST! :stuck_out_tongue:

This should not happen, i saw on the food network that “Pink-Chicken” was undercooked and not healthy.

Then you disable the eye, I mean camera…

Sadly, I thought thesame thing. I guess great minds think alike.:slight_smile:

Well, if it’s any comfort, from what I saw at Traverse City very few people used them. Then again, I haven’t heard much about camera usage from other regionals.