What is a high score in your opinion?

30?.. 40?..50? more? less?

60 = the absolute max

30 = the average

I think that during the first week of regional events, the scores will be low. After the first 2-3 weeks of events, the scores will rise and the highest scores will only be achieved at the championship.

50 normal— 80 max.
100 god-like

Between 40 and 50 will win matches, 30 will be the average and expect alot of one point wins in the 30’s.

Highest match score?: 65

I am thinking that the first few weeks of regionals will have an average score of about 30-45 then it will go up to the 60-70 range with high regional scores going up to 100 but not much higher maybe once at Nats or one of the larger regionals will it break 100 of there is a great alliance.

no way, I think that the animation was about right. no more than 50 in most matches. Maybe up to 70 in finals matches and stuff, but not too likely. A lot of defence this year.

If you have one tetra on top of each goal at the end of a match, that’s 107 points. This score or greater could be achieved once or twice, even in the early regionals, with a very strong alliance or against a very weak alliance. I predict now that it will happen at least once before Atlanta.

I think that somethere between 30-50 is going to be the norm. Last year, there was always that possibility of making a basket or hanging in the last 10 or 20 seconds. This year, this could happen with tetras, so the results could be sweeping. However, there is just so much standing in the way of rapid rises in defense and such.

Our team decided that 36-42 would be a good average score but anything like 65 up would be amazing and 80+ would be godlike

—> well, if u add up the absolute most points you can get, its 210. thats if you get all 40 tetras on the goals, get all 8 rows, somehow got the autonomous points and get all robots back in the home zone. i’d say a good score is in the mid 30’s. with 6 robots on the field, cordination is the key

I don’t know if I’ve counted everything you can have, but I was thinking about what the highest score you could get would be. Tell me if I messed up on anything or missed something:

80 points for having the topmost capping tetra on every goal at the end of the game.

120 points for having every tetra of your color capping goals.

10 points for having all three ally robots behind their endzone line at the end of the game.

For a grand total of: 210 points!

(though I don’t think there would be any realistic chance of getting a perfect score in this game unless all your three allied robots were amazing at collecting and capping tetra goals and the other three robots were very bad players)

Ok, going to bed. Gotta get beauty rest for tomorrow’s bot work.

I think there’s a high chance off a good alliance getting up to 23 points at the start. High scores will therefore probably be around 80 - 100 points, with 40 being the average.

From what ive figured, 60-65 points for your team will win a match at least 90% of the time…

15 tetras on various goals, 3 robots in start zone at end of match, and 1 row in control…

To me, a strong high score would be 60-70. This would require my mind however. :smiley: