What is an FRC record that will never be broken?

I was lucky enough to witness two records that will likely never be broken during my four years, but I would love to hear some more! What is something that is so impressive or unique that a team or robot has done that you don’t think it will ever happen again?

The first two that come to mind are 2056’s 2007-2016 Streak of winning every regional they attended and 254’s 53-0-0 season in 2018.


254’s single-regional streak at SVR. I forget exactly when it was broken… but the current streak may have passed the original.

The ongoing 1678 Einstein streak. Hopefully they can keep it going this year but even if they don’t I’m not sure anyone will beat 7 back to back wins ever again.


Not official but 1033 (rip) came to the Virginia regional for 2012 more than 30lbs overweight…

A portaband was used.

In FIM [First In Michigan] we had a State Champion Alliance for three years running [due to Covid].

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Technically the poofs have won every regional they attended since 2012, but i don’t think 2020 or 21 counts

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