What is considered “Rookie Year”?

I know this falls into a grey area, but I felt it best to post in the support category due to the profile option, Rookie Year.

Is it considered when you first joined a FIRST program? Or, is it considered your rookie year of FRC?

I want to say it could be either. That said, most folks on here use their FRC rookie season (or FTC if that’s their primary program).

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Ok, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going against convention.

Also, is it the year of your first season, or the year that you joined your team? For example, for me, my first season was 2022 Rapid React, but I joined my team in the fall of 2021 at the beginning of that school year.

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Oh, that is a really good point that I hadn’t thought about.

Technically it’s just a text box so you can put words in to clarify what you’re listing.


So, something like this?

I don’t actually know if that’s a standard and I generally just have the year there. I was just commenting that you can clarify what you’ve listed if you want to.

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I wrote 2016 as my first FRC season as 2016 Stronghold was my first season in FIRST even though I joined in Fall of 2015. I think the convention most would use is the year of the season rather than true year to join.


I joined FRC at the start of my freshman year in 2022 and was my team’s human player for some of our offseason events. I however consider my rookie year to be 2023 since it was the first season that I participated in the onseason of whereas i only ever saw the offseason of 2022.

The original intent was the season of your first FRC competition. So, 2004 FIRST Frenzy for me, even though I did attend some team meetings in 2003 and went to my first FLL competition in 2001. FTC hadn’t been invented when Rookie Year was added to the profiles on ye olde CD, and my guess is FLL hadn’t been invented yet either.

As others have pointed out though it is just a text box on the internet, so you do you. :slight_smile:

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