What is FeedbackDevice?

Does the FeedbackDevice used with TalonSRX need to connect directly to Talon?
Encoder uses this.


Thank you very much. You need to connect directly.
I’ll try!

I would say connect it to the Talon SRX if you can, but it doesn’t need to be connected directly. You can connect it to the roboRIO and the Talon can still use it as a remote sensor. See https://phoenix-documentation.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ch14a_BringUpRemoteSensors.html

Where does that say you can use a remote sensor that is connected to the roboRIO?

Sorry, for the confusion. The encoder does not have to be connected directly to the Talon on which you are running closed-loop control. It could be connected to a different Talon or a CANifier and still be used by the Talon.

Again, I would connect it to the Talon SRX if you can, but you don’t have to. It depends what you’re looking to accomplish.

I want to use ControlMode.Position.

If you have a single motor, a single Talon, and a single encoder then the best option is to connect the encoder directly.

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