"What Is FIRST?" Video with IRI 2008 Interviews

Hi all,

It took me two years but I finally put together that “What is FIRST?” Video I started working on in 2008. I did interviews at the 2008 IRI so if anyone knows who these people are pass along the link to them.


The music is from the 2008 FIRST video, and the pictures from the games are from FIRST as well. It’s meant to be used as a demo video, so if anyone wants to use it feel free, just contact me somehow! (either PM or E-mail me: rmbecker12 at yahoo.com)


Very cool. If I can get the speakers to work on my projector, we’ll probably show that at our callout this fall.
(looks at the calendar - oh crap)

Did you get names of the people interviewed? I bet more than a couple will be newsmakers in the next 10 years.

I remember being in one of those interviews in '08. That video turned out pretty cool! If it’s alright with you, I may use that video as well for recruiting. Do you have a link for a direct download?

This is a very cool video…
Also the students from Truck Town Thunder and Killer Bee’s are Joel Carne and Carla Spicuzzi. Hope that helps!

Thank you! As of now we’re trying to get it up on Team 1675’s website: http://www.team1675.com/. It should be up there soon.


at :40 the girl on the left is Ashley Arscheene, the girl on the right is Hayley Schuller. Can’t remember the guys name…

That would be Parker Francis, team 148.

That’s WendyMom from Exploding Bacon - and a couple other familiar faces from that team but I don’t know their names.