What is going to be your team's main strategy?

Well, what is it going to be? Many teams out there are building their robots according to what MAY be out there - and I want to know what to expect. I’m sure other teams would like to also love to know what your team is going to be going for in the main design.

there are quite a few choices in the poll - just choose what is best. I’m going to keep this TOTALY ANAMOUS!! You do not have to post in here if you don’t want. (I realize that some people want to keep their team secrets a secret!!)

We’re not doing this but an idea you forgot to put in the poll, (er i guess it’ll go under other) is a ball catcher. Using a retractable net you could sit below the ball drop and when the balls fall catch them and then lower one side so they all roll into your human player station…
just another idea

That would be under “gathering balls”

I left them pretty generic!

Shouldnt this be in the “Strategy and Rules” section?


Pretty much all 237 can do is control the center platform. We can also be a plow, but can’t every robot? Even if we can’t do anything else, we are fantastic at hanging, and our specialty is “shimmying” back and forth across it in defense. :smiley:

all i have to say is this…

“I’ll never tell!!!”