What is "/home/lvuser/networktables.json"?

I know NetworkTables was completely re-written, so I’m assuming this error is also new (as I don’t recall it from previous years) … it logs the same message at start up:

**** Robot program starting *****
NT: could not open persistent file ‘/home/lvuser/networktables.json’: No such file or directory
NT: Listening on NT3 port 1735, NT4 port 5810
NT: Got a NT4 connection from port 63981
NT: CONNECTED NT4 client ‘shuffleboard’ (from
**** Robot program startup complete *****
**** Robot program starting *****

What is this file?

Do I need one? Ever use one ? (am I just not far enough along with new NetworkTables?)


Its not an error, its a warning. That is the file for persistent storage, but if you don’t have any keys set as persistent, that warning will pop up, as nothing will have been created. It can be ignored. I think we’re working on finding a solution to make that not happen anymore though.

Ahh … OK … is this the new “networktables.ini” file that is how you used to get persistence?

Yup. Its the replacement for that file. Its just that NT3 used to always create an empty file on the rio, whereas NT4 does not currently.

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