What is it that you're curious about Chinese teams

hey team 6907 greeting here. If you remember us from Houston we’re the team in Hopper that handed out Chinese traditional fans(they were much more popular than our team in Houston).

So yeah… I don’t really know what teams nationwide think and know about Chinese teams. Well there’s an after season event each year when we invite international teams to help local rookies called China Robotics Competition, some of you may know. Well but apart from that…?
You’ll have to admit not many Chinese teams make it to the World Championship every year, and not many compete in an American regional as well. I suppose that’s part of the reason we feel a bit confined to the FRC China society (and language barrier I guess?)

Anyways this year team 6907 will be competing at Heartland Regional and we are not settled yet on what from China to take with us to the States. PLZ let us know if you’d like some traditional food or gadgets or pieces of Chinese Calligraphy or anything of that sort!!!


When i was in Houston in 2017, a couple Turkish teams (and the team number is slipping me currently) gave us goodie bags of things like coffee and other assorted things (i remember coffee the most cause it was really good) and 4613 gave some of us Tim Tams to try. Teams are always receptive of things like that, so frankly id find something you as a team would associate with closely that may not be common here and bring that.

Will always depend on the person/team. I try to watch the China/AUS regionals, but with the afternoon matches being at 3am for me, its not always realistic to actually watch them. Some of the more exotic designs have come from both of these events, and its interesting to see the regions grow (and not to mention they have better streams than some events in the states!)

Maybe something like how to say a couple basic words/phrases in Chinese, maybe some history about the team/how things work in China, and a goodie bag for teams would be the way to aquatint yourself at your events.

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Thanks a lot! Yeah I guess we’ll try to bring something that tells everyone a bit about the country, FRC China and our team :slight_smile: