What is it with cameras this year?

I don’t know if it’s just the CHS district or not, but for some reason they’ve decided to move away from the standard full field view and cut to individual robots, often moving away right as something worthwhile is happening. It makes watching at home a bad experience because you can’t watch how one robot performs during a match. Why have the broken what once was working?

is the stream better than 360p? If so its already better than worlds! /thread

In all seriousness, i personally like having it focused for parts of the field only at times, especially when there is action there. I always like seeing cool angles i dont get to see when im in the stands or actually on the field competing, it gives me a more closer spectator vibe, if that makes sense. Now, cutting away from action to another side that is dead in the water compared to the other side is annoying. It could be that they are still getting the hang of everything, as it is a brand new district and could be with new cameramen and whatnot. Either way, its probably good just to cut them some slack for now. Once everyone is really used to the game the camerawork along with the bots also get better.

Yeah. Right as a team is about to shoot WOAH look at this robot stuck on the ramparts.

+1…very frustrating

Agreed. I wish they had just kept a full-field view.