What is Local Talk?

After tremendous hours of researching and test day coming on Friday, I figured, might as well ask the people on CD they might know.

I am really having a problem grasping what exactly Local Talk is and I have a feeling its going to be on my CompTIA Network+ Certification test which I’m taking Friday so any explanation will be helpful. Thanks in advance

LocalTalk is a communications protocol and physical networking system used on older Macintosh computers. It was quite a marvel of technology at the time. I encourage you to become a member on my older Macintosh user forums at www.68kforum.com There are some very knowledgeable people there who can tell you all about it. Also, www.lowendmac.com is a good site. And finally, not to forget the wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Localtalk

Ahh, Local Talk brings back memories. I once was working in an office with a series of macs on a Local Talk network (including a then brand new iMac, which needed an ethernet to Local Talk adapter), and they were having a weird problem where every computer in the office would lock up at exactly 52 minutes past the hour, every hour. Unplugging a computer from the network would solve the problem on that computer only, and when I went and systematically unplugged every computer one at a time, I was unable to find the computer that was causing the problem.

I never did get that one solved.

yeah those sites have alot of information on them im just looking for a brief overview (summary perhaps?) and too much information confuses me >.< but thanks again.