What is MAX script and how did you learn programing?

What is MAX script and how will it help me? I don’t know a thing about programing and how do learn it? The web sites I find are mostly mumbo jumbo i cant comprehend because some guy tries to sound smart while writing tutorials. And my team mates cant teach and are to busy to help me now.

What is MAX script and who did you learn programing?

I don’t know a lot about MAX script, but it’s a kind of programming language (like java\html?) which MAX uses, there is a tutorial about MAX SCRIPT in the tutorials that come with 3ds MAX8 (7 to I think), I skimmed through it and I saw all sorts of cool stuff, for example you can make a “sphere” object with the radius and location of your choice, simply by typing in some simple commands, I guess you can build an entire animation without using your mouse??

it’s also used for making interactive animations (see the “fan” tutorial where you can press a button and the fan stops\starts…very nice)