What is OP Robotics?

Everyone knows who OP robotics is, but everybody is wondering what their bot is looking like this year.
I know everybody is wondering the same thing
I have seen no documentation of them right now and they are statistically beating out everyone in competition at week 1 across the world.


They are one of the best teams in the world, and have been for a long time. They are from Canada and are competing at ONT District Newmarket Complex Event (2023) - The Blue Alliance. Hope this helped!


Oh I see. OP is quite old school I guess, no fancy youtube video. They went with the old reliable Facebook robot reveal.


They are OP. It’s in the name.


Anyone got any video of them in action? Cant find any match vids from this weekend of them


Newmarket – FIRST Robotics Canada states it was streamed on Twitch (FRC Canada) as well as Twitch (FRC ontario), though they did not upload the vods. I believe there was an identical issue to this last year, at a different event in Canada. It may take a while to upload the vod, but my guess is that its lost to the internet forever.

Everyone always asks what is OP Robotics, but nobody ever asks how is OP Robotics.


I’ll do you one better, why is OP Robotics


Who knows man.

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Same issue happened week one last year in Ontario… the videos showed up eventually but it took a few days.

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For blue banners, duh

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they were alright i guess


I didn’t catch enough of OP, probably ranked them lower on FRCtop25 poll than I should have this week. Awe well, happens. #notapopularitycontest

FWIW I had 973 on top for reasons beyond raw scoring.

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Would really appreciate if anyone who attended the event had videos they could upload. I really want to see 2056, 2200, 1305, 610, 5409, 7558, and 4476 in action.


We were watching the stream from our build space on Saturday, and we were all waiting expectantly to see what 2056 did.

Auto starts… they score the first game piece, drive out to get another one and score it, then go grab a 3rd game piece and go balance on the charge station with one or two seconds to spare.

I didn’t see every match, but The Blue Alliance says they averaged 2.88 game pieces in auto.

Can’t wait to see it in person.


This auto alone is 2 weeks ahead of what most teams in the same ballpark as OP are doing. Dang.


i will talk to my team about posting some match vids

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If you have anything to send FUN would greatly appreciate it as we have practically no video to go off of for FRC Recaps.

Same for the other ONT event too

FIRST ONT needs to step it up with posting VODs quicker. Not sure what the hold-up is but other districts and events are uploading throughout the day, so I see no reason why they can’t. Just the wide-angle is fine, no need the action shots.


I have screen-recorded VODs of both the ONT District Newmarket finals. These are mp4 videos captured by OBS Studio, about 200 megs each.

I don’t have a youtube account and CD doesn’t seem to allow mp4 uploads. If anyone has a suggestion on the easiest way to upload here, let me know. @Tyler_Olds if you have a dropbox link or something similar I can send you the footage.

On the topic of the finals themselves - I don’t have data to back this up, but my gut says the finals matches don’t do 2056 full justice, because there was significant traffic/defense in both of them and a rare drop from 2056 in F2. That being said they’re still incredible matches. I will be very excited to review the other VODs when they become available to see what the max they could put up was when there weren’t multiple defenders.

Fantastic job as always, 2056.