what is said, and what it really means.

My friend paul found some little phrases on the net, with what engineers and developers say and what they really mean:

Preliminary testing is inconclusive-
what it actually means: the darn thing blew up on us when we turned it on. :smiley:

We predict-
what it really means: we pray to god.

The project’s completion date is sometime in the fourth quarter-
what it really means: that should give us plenty of time to figure out who to blame to problems on.

i can’t remember all of them, but those are three i do. this is just a topic for fun, list any phrases you may come up with that are funny. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

this should really be moved over to chit-chat…

but while i’m here

We discovered a new feature during upon completion

  • There is a bug in the programming.

This: Wow! I love the gift, where did you ever find it?

Means This: By God this is ugly! Where can I return it?

This: “All it needs are a few minor repairs.”
Means: “Looks like another overnight repairing session.”

We would’ve also accepted “Where’s the duct tape!”

What they say: “An essay is not required for the application, but recommended.”
Translation: “Please, GIVE us a reason to dump your application in the trash, punk.”