What Is Something Awesome That Happened To You And/Or Your Team This Season?

As we move into week 4, the stories are starting to accumulate. There are probably many moments that have been fun, inspiring, humbling, or just plain special.

Have you got one to share?


We won the Creativity Award because of our “turtle back”
The “turtle back” flips up so that our pneumatics are on it and the electronics are under and easily accessible when the “turtle back” is flipped up. Our one and only senior explained it to the judges who came back a second time to hear more about it. It was awesome.

Hands down: Winning WPI Chairman’s. It was the first time our team ever won Chairman’s. Everyone worked so hard for that. I will admit I started crying a little bit. I was just so overwhelmed with pride.

Thank you, 1124, that moment will live forever with me :slight_smile:

I second this…

I’ve seen the team over many seasons, and I’ve watched so many individuals grow during their time on the team. More than that, the mentality of the team has changed significantly since it was first founded. You guys really live for what FIRST stands for now, and it’s incredible to see it in action and compare it to what our team one was. I mentioned this at the team meeting Friday night, because I really am proud of what our team stands for and the way you carry yourselves, and that’s all I ever could have asked for. I was thrilled even before the award came along. FIRST Robotics is a truly amazing program. I’m glad I’ve been able to take part in it, and to watch so many people grow and benefit from it.

My moment would definitely be being finalists at Detroit. No one on our team has had the experience of being past the semi-finals, and for us as a team to get to the finals for the first time since 2006 was amazing!

During our finals run, the moment that made my season so far was definitely beating the Hot Wing Express (67, 51, 1023) alliance 14-13 during that first match. Everyone on our team was so excited that we won, and for the first time in many years we actually felt that we could win it.

I am so proud of my team for accomplishing this :slight_smile:

1189 won the Team Spirit award this season - twice.

We were seeded relatively low at Traverse City, and ended up 38th out of 38th at Detroit this weekend. I’m so unbelievelably proud of my team for still sticking in there and being enthusiastic about the competition - especially since a majority of our team is comprised of rookie members who have never been to a competition before. We were just as loud as or louder than many of the teams at Detroit this weekend, and we were the ones who were always in the pit with broken welds, bent frames, lost treads, and lost matches. I’ve been told multiple times after both events that the Gearheads were clearly heard and seen on the webcasts and at the venue, and that we really deserve it, and I can’t seem to grasp my mind around the idea of being as spirited as 67, or 27, or 51, or 2771 - all teams that I respect for their energy, enthusiasm, and unity.

This season, our wins were definitely the greatest moments this season. Our undefeated record one regional was truly amazing as well. We also won a match when it was 1v3, which was amazing. Meh, every year holds a spectacular memory which will be in the memory of the team for years. :slight_smile:

Western Michigan District in general for me. Our team has always been at competitions where there truly were powerhouse teams to look up to. At West Mich this year we were the ones being looked up to… it is the weirdest feeling in the world and something I have never felt before. That feeling was enough for me, but then we won chairman’s for the first time and everything just stood still for about ten mins… now that is a weird feeling.

In the first round of the quarter finals our alliance lost and as I looked at the stands our teams looked kinda down. Then Lenny, the coach of 1018, walked right up to the stands in front of them and got them pumped up by shouting “Come on you guys! We’re not done, we still have 2 more rounds to play!!” The enthusiasm from Lenny in such a time was absolutely amazing.

Winning GSR after being told by one of the top 8 teams (we were in second to last at the time)(and i’m not going to say the team #) that they shouldn’t take advice from us, as we’re were “clearly not a qualified team to be giving advice”. Many teams let the leaderboard go to their head. It felt very good to beat them in the finals, and become a regional winner!

There is a student on our team, Becca, who poured her heart into our website. She overhauled it completely, she spent countless hours at meetings, afterschool, and at home to get the website “perfect”( I say perfect cause she will tell you it will never be perfect). We have won the website award in the past, but this year, knowing how much work she put into it and to see it pay off was awesome.

She was telling me how the trophy is sitting in her room at home. For her to be able to see it everyday must be an awesome feeling, we are very proud of her.

climbing kilroy :smiley:

the whole experience was awesome though, and I know my team will come back for a second year next year and hopefully we’ll do at least as well :wink:

:cool: That always feels good doesn’t it? You guys played a spectacular defense, I loved watching your team in the final matches.

My story is hearing another FIRST alum (from team 78?) mention my teams 2001 robot, from my freshman year as her favorite robot ever. It was one of my favorite robots too, he could scoop up 20 soccer balls in 3 or 4 seconds.

Something that I will always remember is Dean Kamen and the President of BAE Systems checking out our robot right after we hung during a match on Saturday of the BAE Regional.

this has to be one of the most ironic things I’ve ever read

The most personally memorable event was a screw-up that happened at FLR. During the elimination matches I was beside the arena helping reset the robot after each match. During the finals, our team was part of the blue alliance, but I had lost my team jersey and was wearing a red t-shirt. One judge asked if I was on a team, and when I said yes, told me to go join my team members.

I strive for maximum irony. Though now that I am reminded what your robot looks like I am pretty sure she was NOT from 78.

My jaw-dropped when I saw that happen. You could hear the excitement within the crowd. =]

lotta memorable things for me…both good and bad…since i like the good better than the bad ill share those:
-my first year as the scouting coordinator for my team (most stressful job ever)
-made back-up driver (only non senior on my team’s drive team :D)
-got to drive twice so far this year (i still need some practice)
-got to go on field for my team for alliance selection (note to self: use bathroom before going on field, always)
-my team made the semi-finals during a week 2 event (for the second year in a row AND second time in TEAM HISTORY we’ve made the semi’s :D)
-i proved myself that i CAN survive a competition without mtn dew

Well FRC was a very fun experience made of epic win for everyone involved in team 3411.

  • We won Rookie All-Star and obtained Highest Rookie Seed in the Bayou Regional.
  • We were told by the MC, judges, and other teams that we don’t act like a rookie team (this probably makes me the happiest)
  • Had some of the awesomest alliance-mates in team 57 (good luck in Lone Star!) and 3039 (one of the best defensive robots I’ve seen)
  • Getting one of the most strenuous workouts ever
  • Knowing that as a senior, the team will be left in good hands for next year and other years to come.

The coolest moment for me was walking out of the GSR stadium with all the awards we won. (4-5 depending on how you count) The awards weren’t the cool part though. The cool part was knowing that the lives of my team mates would never be the same. One of them now hopes to become an engineer–before he wanted to be a docotor–and another has changed the coureses she is taking at school to include science.

More rode on our team then just that robotics comeptition at this year’s GSR. The fate of Australia was resting on our shoulders to a certain extent. We will now attend the Championship not only representing Australia, but also my home region, New England. There is a certain sense of irony there, but it is good irony.

Our team met and exceeded all our goals. At the begging of the season we said our main goal was to have a driving robot that did SOMTHING by the competition. We had many hurdles to overcome being the firrst FIRST team in Australia, but with each challange we rose to meet it, and in the process became a family. I have never seen a FIRST team come together as much as we did. We really miss each other, and e-mail or Facebook every night!!!

On the plane ride home, we would all gather at the back of the plane and talk about how great GSR was. Luckily, the plane wasn’t that full, so we didn’t bother anyone. I think most of the time was spent talking about fundraising to get back to the USA for Atlanta. We can’t wait to see you there!!!