What is special about your HS, or School that you go to

What is the best part of the High School you go to, or graduates, what is your favorite memory from High School

(Besides Robotics or FIRST related)

Mine is that our school doesnt have Pep Rallies :smiley:

I think the best thing about our school is the amount of extra stuff we have…Besides FIRST…

We have 2 football teams, 2 rugby teams, 3 soccer teams, a tennis team, a curling team, 2 hockey teams, a badmitton team, 2 baseball teams…u get the idea…

Also, the amount of stuff that the student body does around the school to help out is great…Like its us that keeps all the computers going for example…

Also, at x-mas time we also do some fund-rasing for a local charity that needs help (we take the majorly under-funded ones) and we have two weeks of “Christmas Cheer”…we have dances, activities, movies, all sorts of things to raise money. Last year in these 2 weeks we raised over $20,000 for a charity (their annual budjet was about $10,000 - so u can guess how much we helped).

my school split into two schools, so now i will be a part of the first graduating class of the new school.:cool:

our school (North Brunswick High site of Brunswick Eruption 2002 )-cheap competion plug- became a BLUE RIBBON SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE :mad: in 2000 because of our robotics team (our football team might have helped a little they won their 1st game in 5 seasons and everyone cheered and stuff :cool: ). we won the nationals and most people i know say we are cocky and stuff cause the school threw us a pep rally the day the blue ribbon person was their.:smiley:

The high school I went to has the honor of being the last all girl public school in the U.S. We had no football team, our school mascot was the dove, our class mascot was Mickey Mouse, intead of caps and gowns for graduation, we all wore floor length white gowns and carried roses. It was set up to be like a college prep school, and to be accepted into the accelerated course you had to carry an 85 average from middle school (business and honors courses 80 average). And when you graduated, you got your state diploma, and if you filled all the class requirements for the school (the correct amount of honors classes, etc.) you also got a diploma from the school. It was an hour bus ride to get there, but it beat the nasty zone school I would have had to go to. Go Western!

Best memory? Too many… but there was a funny smoke bomb incident on the bus…


Voted most likely not to be forgotten.

Um…we are one of the top schools in america with the number of International Baccalaureate dipomas passed out…number 1 in 2000 i think…I dunno Shane, help me out…

my high school is the second largest in PA…and we have the most nationalities represented in the tri-state area

LET ME tell you why

  1. We have hte dress code nazi…who was a porn star…
  2. We had goats that screwed in the middle of halls…
  3. We have red necks who throw dead and bloody pigs all over hte campus…
  4. We have toilets that explode and poop flaoting around our hall ways
  5. We have water that’ll make you glow in the dark…
  6. Everyday a kid gets expelled for selling weed…
  7. Every day numourus kids get suspended for smoking one campus…
  8. We have an in-school ■■■■ who gives BEEPS for money…
  9. Our school name can’t be remember by the superintednant…were “The Other School”
  10. Were on the new almost every night for some stupid problem…sex scandals with teachers and our SRO and other stuff…
    blah i hate my school


my school has absolutely no school spirit. they even wrote a whole article about in the school news paper that no one reads. no one attends our athletic games. here’s a quote from that article about our football games “the stands tend to have more marching band members and their parents than spectators” i only read this because i was bored in english class. i hear that our track, crew and girls’ softball teams are pretty good, not to mention our robotics team… last year a girl on the softball team won a full scholarship to harvard and was named like gatorade player of the year or something. so, in conclusion, we have no school spirit in bay shore.

Ok, here’s the story…

My school is in New Jersey. It gets cold in the winter in New Jersey. It snows in the winter in New Jersey.

Our High School is based after a school in Southern California: that is, each subject is in a different building, with a nice long walk in between them.

It was built AT CAPACITY, they’re expanding it now, you can see the dollar signs light up in the eyes of the administration.

Our student council is a puppet government, but that may not be unique. School newspapers and announcements are loaded with propaganda: its like something from Orwell’s 1984 or something…

Construction workers on 3 occasions snagged the gas line outside the biology building…when I was in it!

We heard the principals voice…kinda shaky over the intercom to “relocate to the auditorium”

Of course, we high-tailed it out of there ASAP:eek:

And that’s about it for us. We’re generally typical suburbia.:smiley:

The name says it all, Oconomowoc :smiley:

Thats all I can really think of…

Mine isn’t really something to be proud of. A couple of years ago USA Today made a list of high schools with ethinic mascots and my alma matter East High was the only one in America with the name Orientals. The funny thing is their mascot is an eagle. They’re going around the Rochester area and making teams with native american mascots like Penfield or Irondiquiot change their names to something less offensive, but no one has ever told East they have to change their name.
The High School the X-Cats are tied to,Wilson Magnet, used to be known,back in the day, as West High and was East’s chief rival. They were called the Occidentals(whatever that is). Now they’re known as the Wildcats(X-Occidentals would’ve been too weird for words). My wife who is a teacher at Wilson likes to tease me and point out that I’m no longer an Oriental, I’m a Wildcat. Now I can say she’s wrong; I’m an X-Cat!:stuck_out_tongue:

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**The name says it all, Oconomowoc :smiley:

Thats all I can really think of… **

I think my boss grew up there… the name sounds familiar.

my schools kinda cool because as of next year we will have 3 high schools on the same campus (within a couple of hundred feet of each other) we have classes in both schools right now and it makes for a lot of diversity. we also have all the sports teams at each school (3 football, couple swimming, track, hockey, ect. teams per school) then we only have one first team :slight_smile: we actually have like 120 kids show up for the first meetings but then we loose 75% of em and have a team of 30. still pretty cool though.

My school isnt much to talk about because it sucks but we do Have a Principal who A) cant recite the Pledge of Aliegence and B) has to repeat her name like three times when she does announcements over the intercom.:rolleyes: of course there is our Football team that stinks so the people who show up to our games are there to watch the band so most of them leave after halftime. then of course there is always the fact that the school is not big enough to fit all the students :slight_smile:

What’s special about my school?

It’s falling apart
The windows are plastic
The bathrooms have no soap
The bathroom stalls have no doors
The fire-estingusers are marked “99” and are rusted to the walls.
Half the lights don’t work
No air condisioning
The heat works during the summer - only
The Sinks in the bathrooms don’t work
The lockers don’t close
The computers are gutted

Our school is the second oldest school in the country, we are one of the best schools in the country, we are a fully academic school and you need a 90 or above in Middle school to get in. We also have electron microscopes, i think thats pretty cool. Our sports teams are the best in the city and we are very diverse. The only downsize is that the school exclusivly uses Crapintosh Computers, they are not compatible with any of the software from FIRST.

Also, to the all girls school, up the block from us is Philadelphia High School for Girls, another all girls school.

We were basketball 5A statechamps this year for Georgia.

We have 2 facilities named after people who still work there. McDonald Baseball field. Doug Liscomb Gym.

Our magnet program is one of the best in the country and is ranked 3rd for SAT prep behind the amazing Thomas Jefferson school and some other one.

My High School carries the honor of being the ONLY high school in AMERICA to have the MULE as their macot.

wishes he could attend Cranbrook becuase he got mailed about applying. I dislike my school becuase of lack of funding in the right areas, READ: If its not a sport, they could care less

I guess the best thing about my school is that we have the number one high school baseball team in the country. It is also where Val Kilmer and Kevin Spacey graduated from.