What is the actual size of the cargo?

Our team (7638 Northern Exposure Robotics Division) had inflated our cargo and it seems to be smaller than the 13 inch diameter the game manual states. Does anybody know if this is a possible error or just another factor that we may have to deal with?


Keep inflating, it will stretch.


Says 13in diameter but our team is planning anywhere from 10in to 15in.

From the measurement of the CARGO CHUTE on the Loading Station, if the ball is inflated much more than 13’ish inches it won’t fit easily out of the opening (if at all).



It’s 13 inches nominal. These types of balls need to be inflated, let them sit, and then inflate them again to reach the full size. Keep in mind that there are no tight tolerances, so you should design something that can handle a reasonably wide range of sizes around the nominal value.

The rocket ports are only 16 inches in diameter, so the balls can’t be larger than that for sure.

Check this post for fun details: Here we have two 13" balls

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We inflated one of the balls at our kickoff, it’s pretty big IMO

mines approximately 15’’ so just keep putting in air (15psi)

Do we need another thread for the actual weight of the cargo, or will someone please weigh one and post the result here?

Depends on how full, air has weight…

Yeah but if you put the air in the ball then there’s less air outside so it won’t weigh as much.


(AKA as you go up the total weight of the watermelons decreases)
It also tends to get pressurized

I will check the weight tomorrow and post results.

this is why we do the math


Did you have a chance to weigh the cargo?

Ours is 14.5 oz

Ours weighed 414.0 grams or 14.6 ounces on a digital scale our science teacher has in the classroom.

Thank you both!