What is the allowable build/assembly tolerance for Field Elements at competition?

We are hearing a lot of reports of official Field Elements being significantly different from the published CAD.

How much are field elements allowed to be out of spec?

What is the process if we find something like this during the measurement period?

Per Section 5 of the manual, field tolerances are specified in this document.

There is a 30 minute window prior to the beginning of qualification matches in which teams can go to the field for calibration and measurements. It also mentions in that section that you can bring comments and questions to the FTA during that period.

what about Field Elements, like the trap depth and chain height? I know the parts themselves have a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 1/16, but I keep hearing that everything is +/- 1", and I can’t find that anywhere.

At a week zero event, I spoke with the volunteers in charge of field setup. They get “instructions” for how to set up things that are particularly critical. The instructions they have related to the chain is that the 2 rings the chain attach to should be vertical. Then the chain is stretched between and the links set so that the distance from the floor to the lowest part of the lowest link (which would be the bottom of a vertical link) is 28.25" from the floor. This is a minimum dimension, so that robots that are 28" tall clear the chain. If the chain is such that one link is too low, and one tighter link is significantly higher, the instructions were to set the height too low and then twist the chain to raise it up to the proper height.

So, we can take from this that they are sensitive to both teams that have 28" bots that want to clear the chain and also teams who have positioned their climbing hooks just above a chain that is at the minimum height and who would have trouble if the chain is too high.

We plan to measure every chain to make sure they are in spec, and also to bring some different sets of hooks with slightly different heights so we could adapt to different height chains if they vary drastically and we can’t get the field crew to change them.