What is the ball lift conveyor belting?

What is the round conveyor belting that teams are using to lift the balls? It’s round and they must glue the ends together. Thanks for any help!

I know some teams are using the orange polycord material, or you can use surgical tubing

play with different things. One difficulty with the orange polycord is that you have to figure out how to attach the ends, unless you have the money for the right tool.

It’s called polycord. It’s often fused by heat.

A few of the threads from this year, found by a site search for “Polycord”:


Yeah, my team is using it to lift the balls up into our shooter. We got it off Mcmaster.

Awesome! Thanks for the help guys!

The way we connected ours is just putting a lighter to it and holding the two ends together wearing gloves; An idea just if you needed an idea to attach them in a loop if need be.