What is the best center drop distance for an 8WD?

Hi CD,

My team is strongly considering using an 8wd this year, and we know that we need to drop the inner wheels some amount. We’d like to know what drop distance has worked the best in the past.

For reference, we plan on using 6 in or 5 in Colson wheels that are 2in wide.


On 6wd .150 is standard I believe

I usually design 8wd with a 1/8" center drop.

I see the drop subject popping out quite bit this morning, are you actually making the center wheel lower than the ends one or higher where they don’t actually touch the ground on a plane level?

I’m not exactly sure what the difference between those two options are. Could you explain?

Having th e center wheels closer to the ground shortens the effective wheel base. You want the center wheels closer to the ground to make turning easier.

Something else to consider is the spacing of the wheels horizontally. Most teams do not run the spacing equal between all the wheels.

Our team is going to try to build an 8wd today, does anyone know the best way to fit 2 6" wheels and 2 4" wheels on each side? Does anyone have any photos of any 8wd on the chassis kit included with KoP? Thx

Don’t forget that you need different gear or sprocket sizes. If the wheels are in the ratio 4/6 then the ratios to those wheels has to follow the same ratio of 4/6.

If you have a 15:1 ratio from the motor to the 6" wheel you will need a 10:1 ratio from the motor to the 4" wheel.

Good luck.

Joe J.