What is the best place that you ate at in Detroit?

Where are some great places/must eat places to eat in Detroit?


I’m a pretty big fan of Niki’s pizza. Pepperoni and feta is my go-to order there. It’s walkable from Cobo/Ford/People Mover and has always been able to accommodate my group size: http://nikisdetroit.com/

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As someone that has lived in the burbs nearby, Sweetwater tavern has th best ribs and wings. but probably not a great team accommodation because it’s a pretty small place.


Sweetwater wings are the BEST. You can always order them takeout if you’re worried about space.


Ford’s Garage next to the airport is a large restaurant with a unique theme (Ford) and some pretty good food. It would be able to fit a team easily (if you have transportation to get there).

Fishbone’s in Greektown is pretty good imo and it looks like it would be team friendly, this is within walking distance from TCF Center or via People Mover.

The London Chop House and The Detroit Club are great fancy steak restaurants, I typically eat there when I’m in-town for work. I would not suggest bringing a team to either of these.

Last year my team didn’t have the time to eat out so the only food that wasn’t in tcf was a dominos and a Olive Garden but those mini doughnuts across from the fields were good

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Slows BBQ is also one of my happy places.

If you’re in the suburbs and you want pizza check out Buddy’s. It’s Detroit style pizza and there’s a wide varieties of toppings available. Also, Antonio’s (also in suburbs) has amazing Italian food with a gelato station in one of them. Brass Pointe in Southfield has barbecue, and has enough space to feed a robotics team plus parents and mentors. There are many more, but those are the ones in mind. That, and all of the Coney Islands downtown and in the suburbs.

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Were they worth the $8 (or so)? If not, I’ll probably use that money on shirt trading :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. To compare, I’ve had the Canadian version of this, called Tiny Toms.

+1 for all the Coney Islands in the metro Detroit area. They ROCK.


London Chop House if you want to get a little fancy.

I second this, it is very good and unique, delicious pizza


Going to shamelessly plug this thread I made. Most of the options are walkable from Cobo or near a people mover stop.

Mootz Pizza is a continuing and current favorite.

If you’ve got the ability to get outside the immediate downtown area, Green Dot Stables is a fairly unique and inexpensive spot, but I wouldn’t recommend it for large groups. Pretty easy for two people to have dinner and drinks for ~$30 though, which is hard to come by in most cities!

Also, everyone who’s suggesting Sweetwater Tavern for wings is 100% correct. They’re amazing.


There is actually a Buddy’s downtown now as well! I haven’t been yet, but it’s right off Woodward close to Comerica Park.

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