What is the best place that you ate at in Houston?

Where was the best place you ate at in Houston?

Torchy’s Tacos!

Bombay Pizza Company! It’s a small local place that serves “Italian cuisine graced with Indian herbs and spices.” It has a lot of great thin crust pizzas with some really interesting and amazing flavor combinations. It’s a local restaurant too, which is really cool.

Outside the convention center they had all sorts of booths selling random things. In the middle of this was a little gem called The Baker’s Man. They were selling mini bundt cakes that were absolutely delicious. Wish I had enough foresight to buy a bunch of them and bring them back to Toronto.

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Some place on the water in Galveston. I can’t remember the name. Well, it was in 2002 …

The Rustic is just around the corner from the GRB and they gave me what might have been the best porkchop of my life.

Not sure what it’s called but the place selling waffle burgers was fire


The food truck Foreign Policy was the stuff of legends.

It was the Waffle Bus I’m pretty sure, food was fire.


The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation, best tex-mex I have had in a while.