What is the best robot EVER in FIRST?

This being my fourth year involved with FIRST, I have seen a lot of good robots at these competitions. My question to all of you is, which do you think was the best robot ever made for a FIRST competition?

I guess I will go first, and I say Kingman’s (60) 2002 robot was the best I have ever seen. They were the fastest to the goals, they grabbed them almost every time, AND they lifted and spun them around… not to mention almost no one could push them around.

One match we were allied with them, and our robot broke down. They pushed us, and our two opponents across the field into our scoring zone WHILE having both goals lifted… it was scary how powerful that thing was. I also had the privilege of driving it at the AZ invitational last year, and that thing is one slick machine :yikes:


For me…

The best FIRST robot will always be Hexcalibur, my teams robot in 1996. This 'bot was the winner of a Most Photogenic @ the regional level and a quality award as well. We also took finalist at the NHC Regional that year. In addition, Hexcalibur can be seen on display at FIRST Place.


Lets try to stay away from saying that our own robots are the best.

I would have to say that my favorite robot is a toss up between two finesse robots.

  1. Team 47 in 2000, Chief Delphi had first generation swerve drive along with an arm that was long enough to reach up and steal balls.

  2. Team 111 in 2001, Wildstang came up with the ally that everyone would want. Besides being able to let other robots drive over them and balance the goals, they had many modular features that allowed them to be successful with just about any alliance partner.

Other notables: 71-2002, 25-2000, 45-2001, 60-2001,

Here are my favorites

99 TJ^2

00 Delphi

01 Beatty

02 Beatty and Team 25

03 ???

Well this is only my second year in FIRST. But I have to say that I think team 60 in 2002 was definetly the best robot that year. I was amazed to watch it. Not to mention intimidated. It was a great robot.

My pick (OK so I am a little prejudice!) is Wildstang 2000. It did everything on the field. Limbo, pick up balls while driving, (fast when empty, slightly slower when full) pick up from or give back to the human, climb the ramp, hang and even remove balls from the goal. If needed we could pull an alliance partner up with us. When it was depositing balls in the goal it looked like it was manufacturing them because we could hold 12.
This picture is the robot being demonstrated for incoming students and parents at an eighth grade intro night. That is me with my back to the camera. It is the robot I am pictured with in my signature as team members are discussing a problem with the ball lift.



I remember that one…but Big Jimmy in 2000. Interesting little ramp bot.

I’d like to point out that the first generation swerve drive for Chief Delphi debuted in 1998, not 2000. The drive used in 2000 would’ve been the third generation swerve drive.

As far as best robot goes, my pick would have to be team 71 in 2001 simply because they were virtually unbeatable. They worked flawlessly just about every time. This was partially because of the game that year but they managed to perfect 2001’s game.


haha. before i opened the thread i thought of the topic and thought to myself “definately team 60’s 2002 bot.”

the team 25 robot from 2000 still is an amazing machine, with the huge arm able to pick up the balls and still take a lickin getting hit on the ramp. The SPAM robot from 2002 year was nice, they were the ones who took beatty out of finals last year by hitting the goal in the time the beast took to be half way there. From what i hear the WildStang bot from Torriod Terror was one intense machine being able to lift the tubes wayyy up in the air.

I think team HOT 67 has had some great robots the three years I have been in FIRST

Okay I still believe that team 60’s 2002 robot was great. But I have to say that Team 343, Metal in Motion’s Blitz rules this year! It was an excellent robot for an excellent team! I’m proud to be an honerary member. LoL. But still, I think that it was very competitive and designed well. Awesome Driving Mark.


In 2002 Team 180, S.P.A.M. had a superb robot! It was very well built and did well in competition!

The Wildstang 1997 tube bot. This robot started in a 4’ high starting position and could take 4 inner tubes 16’ in the air and place them on top of the goal with reliability and stability. For you relative newcomers, this was when we didn’t have beans for motors–couple of small drill motors, 4 seat adjuster, 2 window lift–done. And the material selection was limited to $425 from Small Parts and some anemic additional materials. This robot is nothing short of an engineering marvel and I am still in awe of it. The construction is as intricate as a Swiss watch, but durable. This bot is in the FIRST Hall of Fame in Manchester (along with the 1996 Hexcalibar bot mentioned earlier–most beautiful). Hopefully one of the Wildstang members could post a picture of it, although a copy of the video is well worth the time to watch ( that I have if anyone is interested ). Not enough has been said about this magnificent machine. Viewing this robot should be mandatory material for any incoming rookie FIRST team.


Brian Beatty

TechnoKats. 99. One huge freakin’ arm. All the power a robot could have.

If you have video or access to video, watch the semifinals at nationals from 99 versus Bomb Squad and Truck Town Terror (they’ll always be Terror to me).


::EDIT Or was that the quarterfinals? One round was 111 and TechnoKats and Chuck Pi versus 71 and 27 (one of the most-feared alliances in FIRST…ever…and very rightly so) and the other was versus 16 and 68. Now I doubt myself as to which was which. So watch both EDIT::



Does no one rember Team #5 from the year 2000?!?!

At Great Lakes, we had our little “retractable ladder” had our hook at the top of it for the bar. We hooked and dropped our little ladder. Teams, even the announcer, thought we broke - yelling “They Broke-They Broke” but 10 seconds later, there we go, over everyone on the ramp, even when we where on the carpet - ANY where on the carpet! That was my 1st year, and that was awsome. I’ll never forget that, we got featherweight in the finals, but still pushed ANYONE around. That was awsome!

and so for:

2000 - 5
2001 - 343
2002 - 469
2003 - 111

Remarkable design. The huge swooping arm. The ‘crab’ drive. Loved it!

1995 West Ottawa and then Prince’s robot. I cant remember the team number all the way back then because it was changed but they are now team 141 West Ottawa and JCI… Any of the people that know that game would probably remember this robot. It threw the giant balls from anywhere on the field up and through the uprights with ease. It was an awesome machine.

Right now, I’m saying 71 and 173 from last year (02). This year, I’m kinda partial to 79, just because they had a translational drive that we would have loved to been able to build (ours broke…).

the one robot that i liked the most is from this year and the robots name is eleanor from team 9. they have a great robot.


big arm that extended and was on a turret, fast hooks that never let go, and trucks custom made to stay on the pivoting ramp

hey im partial to it… :stuck_out_tongue:

i was amzed by delphi that year, i saw one match where all of their team8s were broken and they still managed to make a high score