What is the best starting Chassis for a new team

What is the best starting Chassis for a new team

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I would say kitbot.


The kit chassis is an incredibly well designed and durable piece of machinery. Carefully put together (with locking nuts/loctite) and thoughtful layout of electronics you should be well served. Add some bumpers that are not an afterthought and you are already doing better than a lot of teams with mechanical drivetrain.


Kitbot, kitbot, kitbot, you should’ve received/should receive one with your kit of parts, otherwise anything from the AM14U family.

Have your own strategy and design discussions but I would keep up to date with what the everybot team is releasing.


Reiterating, the KOP Chassis hands down.

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Kitbot, wheels down.


I always recommend kitbot so you can focus on mechanisms! After your team is successful with mechanisms for a few years, then consider alternate drive bases.

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