What is the best thing your team is doing for promotions?

What am I going to want to get from your team??

we are working on 3d buttons that come with the red and blue glasses. we also have 64 button varieties (and a couple more if the 3d buttons get made)

We have these really good and addicting “TechnoKat Mints”…they come in a little blue package with the TechnoKat logo in red on them…


Yeah, I think I’m still in withdrawl from MMR :smiley:

<------- gummi sharks right here

in addition to the 3d buttons…

corny pickup lines

ex. if i told you you have a nice body… would you hold it against me

hey scott, that was SMOOTH

Glow sticks, stickers, and glow bracelets. oh, and occasionally giving away guys too if any girls are interested or want one, lol. Wow that was pretty corny, wateva, later ya’ll, see ya’ll in Florida! Even though my team didn’t qualify, my friends and I are gunna make an appearance anyways!

At MMR… Buttons and… Carmel Apple Suckers!

We’re gonna have a bunch more stuff for nationals…

We will be giving out:
-candy (including chocolate)
-eggs filled with candy (not chocolate)
-necklaces - if you beg the right people
-possibly bags of chips
-of course buttons 3 different ones and 1 special edition…you will need to trade for those

The team is working hard on getting enough stuff to give out so…

See you all there!

If you see us at nationals we’ll be giving out buttons and hackysacks. It’s kind of late now, but if you went to WMR we gave away a Diamond Rio mp3 player to whoever won our got WITS? contest. I don’t remember who won exactly but it was someone from Truck Town Thunder.

Our machinist, RickV, helped us machine puzzle keychains with a picture of our robot engraved on the back. They are very professional looking, but we don’t have a lot, so better have something good to trade if you want one.
*wish i had a picture of one to show y’all"

speaking of your WITS contest, how did you like all of 862’s suggestions. Walruses in Tube Sock should have won!

WE have carabiners(i think tahats how you spell it) We have big ones and little ones to give out. but only to trade for good stuff.

Ah man,

I got a great idea. You know those glasses they give out at fireworks shows that make everything rainbowy i forgot the scientific name I wanna give away those!!!