What is the best way for girls to get involved?

Where do most comps take place? I know I should check out the FIRST website, but this is the easiest way for me to find info. Also, has anyone heard of TSA (Technology Student Association)? Please help, and it would be nice if someone would kinda be my friend that I could ask questions when needed.

I’m really interested, but I need help to get involved!!!

We won’t do ALL the work for you. :slight_smile: But the list of all the FIRST regional competition and site locations is right here.

The only thing that I know about the Technology Student Association is what they have on their web page. Based on the information there, it seems like their objectives are very compatible with FIRST. I wonder if they have ever talked to each other? Is there an opportunity for future collaboration?


Why not check out the first website (which Dave gave you a list to), and see if there’s any schools involved near you? (I’m assuming you’re in high school still…)

If there is, try to contact them and see how you can get involved there. I’m sure any team would be glad to have someone else join them. :slight_smile: