What is the disincentive for placing 2 cubes at once?

I just watched a match video where a single Red alliance robot picked up 2 cubes and placed them on the Blue switch putting it in balance. This happened with 32 seconds remaining in the match. The Ref called a foul on Red and the match completed. Blue lost the match by 37 points. IDK if the outcome would have been different but it seems to me that this action is something that would have a bigger disincentive then 5 points.

Has anyone else seen this and what was the result?

The disincentive is that if you keep doing it you will get a red card.

Yes, but what if the one you do, it causes the outcome of the match to change because an alliance is no longer scoring on their switch?

I think a red card is fairly outcome-changing.

i guess if your thinking in overall team points, there is not any disadvantage to double cube. you could easily break the tide of any match, and it you did it as fast as a normal robot you would be a killer. So overall, if you think as a alliance, double cubing is a excellent not heavily penalised strat.

Only in the playoffs, during qualifying it would only effect the offending bot not change the outcome.

A red card means 0 RP for that team.

0 RP means you move down in the rankings, and will probably no longer be a picking team. Most scouts frown on red card teams as well.

G22. One POWER CUBE per ROBOT. ROBOTS may not control more than one (1) POWER CUBE at a time. Violation: FOUL per additional POWER CUBE. **Repeated violations of this rule are likely to escalate rapidly to YELLOW or RED CARDS **

When I saw the robot placing the 2 cubes, I reread G22. This is my understanding of the rule.

A robot may control one cube at a time - Penalty Foul. May escalate to Yellow/Red card.

IMO, this means an alliance could use this strategy to win a match and only get penalized 5 points ( maybe a yellow card). In the playoffs this could be the difference between advancing and elimination.