What is the FIRST year book page?

What is the FIRST year book page relative to the submission of the chairmans award on sec 5 (awards sec.) of the robotics competition manual?

From a FIRST email:

Greetings Teams:

The Judge’s Information Section in TIMS is your opportunity to share valuable information about your team with FIRST. The data collected helps *FIRST *track important statistics such as how much it cost your team to participate in the competition, the population of the team (e.g., male/female students, number of teachers on the team) and class breakdown (freshmen, sophomore, etc…,) to name a few. This information is helpful in FIRST’s efforts to procure funding.

This information (in particular the Team Essays section information) is also used by the Judges at the Regional and Championship events to learn about your team’s history, goals, strengths and challenges it may have overcome. Judges take this information into consideration when making decisions about team awards, so we encourage you all to submit input! Please note we may use the robot photos you submit for the Awards Ceremonies.

To enter this data, please go to TIMS at https://my.usfirst.org/frc/tims/. Once logged in, go to the “Judge’s Information” area, at the bottom of the Team Summary page, and complete the Additional Team Info, Team School Demographics, and Team Essays sections.

The Judges Information Deadline is: 11:59 pm EST February 19th. This area will be locked down at 12:00 am EST February 20th.