What is the outer edge?

Our team is wondering what FIRST is calling the outer edge.
In reference to R-22, we would like to know if when attaching the trailer hitch where we can attach it.
I guess what we are asking is- Can we have a recessed outer edge?
Anyone know?:ahh:

<R18> To attach the TRAILER to the ROBOT, TEAMS must use a Trailer Hitch constructed from
materials provided in the 2009 Kit Of Parts. Details on the construction of the Trailer Hitch
are provided in Drawing “GE-09040.”
A. The Trailer Hitch is composed of the “Trailer Spacer” (Part 2 in the referenced drawing) and
the “Trailer Mount Bar” (Part 3 in the referenced drawing). The Trailer Spacer is a 7-inch
length of square steel tubing provided in the Kit Of Parts. The Trailer Mount Bar is a 7-inch
length of robot chassis material (C-channel) to be cut from the provided KOP chassis
B. The Trailer Hitch must be rigidly attached to a fixed location on the ROBOT, with the long
dimension of the Trailer Hitch horizontal and the opening of the C-channel facing away from
the ROBOT. The horizontal center line of the Trailer Hitch must be 2-13/16 inches above
the floor.
C. The Trailer Hitch must be positioned so that the TRAILER may be locked in place with a
standard 1/4– inch diameter hitch pin (McMaster-Carr part number 98416A009). During a
competition MATCH, this hitch pin will be provided with the TRAILER as part of the ARENA
equipment. See Figure 8-5.
D. The Trailer Hitch must be located on an outer edge of the ROBOT structure such that it may
easily connect with the tongue of the TRAILER (attached to the TRAILER).
E. The Trailer Hitch must be placed such that, as the TRAILER swings from side to side, the
first contact between the TRAILER and ROBOT is BUMPER-to-BUMPER and not TRAILER-
tongue-to-BUMPER (to prevent placing excessive stress upon, and possibly damaging, the
TRAILER tongue). See Figure 8-6.

I don’t think it specifies where you have to put it, as long as you follow the above guidelines.

but does the hitch reciever have to be within the robot dimensions, or can it extrude past, so long as it doesn’t exceed the bumpers>

The trailer hitch is not listed among the exceptions in subpart A. of <R11>, so it appears that the robot must fit in the sizing box (see <R91>) with the trailer hitch in place.

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You’ve got a point about asking FIRST’s official Q&A… but it’s not up yet. Looks like we’ll have to wait until we can get an authoritative answer.

Hopefully they open up the floodgates soon. This matter’s pretty pressing.

Thanks anyways.

Also, we weren’t talking about pushing the hitch out of the robot’s dimensions, but pulling it in. I drew up a really crappy, not to scale at all, and an “it wouldn’t fit within the dimensions for FIRST” mspaint model of what we’re asking if we can do:

this, essentially.

Not as extreme (that pic’s just a demonstration so we don’t give away too much ;)), but the same idea – recessing the trailer hitch.