What is the story behind Finals @ FIT Irving?

Waiting on the videos, but can someone provide any details.

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148 was disabled late into finals 2.

Though, looking at the “adjustments” in TBA shows the outcome didn’t change.

Here’s a bit more context: 6672 tipped 3310 in Finals 1 for a yellow card. Then, in Finals 2 during heavy defensive play 148 became disabled resulting in the red card.

Not exactly correct.

In finals 1 the yellow card was not for tipping but for damaging contact inside 148s frame perimeter. (Though I could see why you’d think that.) One of the robots intakes went in and released 148s climber. (This also meant 148 had to go to the hanger zone and that the climber didn’t function properly).

In finals 2 118(?) intake went into the frame perimeter of 148 and hit their radio disabling them.

The 2 alliance was playing some incredibly… aggressive defense in those matches and so there were tons of penalties. To anyone watching It’s not surprising that these fouls occurred and are definitely what the rules are meant for.

It’s kind of an unfun situation to go out on. 3 dead robots in finals 2 due to aggressive ramming and hits - and the red card didn’t matter so It feels lame to make them hand it out. In VEX it’s only a card if it’s match affecting.

Marco was the head ref and he was a total boss all weekend. I believe he handled the situation exactly how it is supposed to be per the rule book. 118 also expressed that they understood the call and that they deserved it.

We’re all friends. We understand why they went with the strategy. And we shook hands about it after


Here’s a bit more context:

About the time 148’s climber was probably released (3310 tipped over shortly after)

About the time 118 disabled 148


I’m kinda surprised that 148 got disabled, 118’s intake only hit the giant protective panel on 148

Couple things I noticed (for sure nothing new)

  1. It was the bump of the wire protector on the floor that finally set off 148’s climber.
  2. 148’s awareness of the whole situation resulting in them continuing to shoot from the hanger issue just awesome dynamics.
  3. 148 still managing to get to the high rung after that mess.
  4. No idea why 118 would lead with their intake on a hit, but it is a finals match and low speed so… 🤷. The whole 118 disabling 148 thing is pretty cut and dry and in no way appears malicious.

Based on the handful of matches I watched from their first event, 118 plays basically the entire match with their intake extended. They are usually good with rotating their intake away from contact, but it’s certainly a risk playing that way.

They aren’t the only ones to play that way either–At one event I talked with a team that said “yep, we can’t retract our intake, we know the risks and are OK with that”.

It’s a valid strategy, just needs to be done with care because if you mess up, it’s techs and cards.

It seems like at times when trying to line up the intake is almost being used as a stiff arm against defense. I guess that is legal, seems to then incentivize the defending robot to build their bot in such a way to be able ram their intake at high speed as it seems like that is their only recourse in this situation.


I don’t remember which blue robot did it, but 148’s radio was hit and disabled.

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