What is the tallest robot that has competed

Inspiried by a post about the height limits, what is the tallest robot you have seen compete?

For me it is the Wildstangs (team 111) 2005 robot. I don’t know for sure how tall it was, but that thing was tall.
This picture doesn’t even seem to be full height.

Tallest extended or in a starting configuration?

We built one of the tallest elevators for 2018 Power Up. Could stack 3, possibly 4, high on the high side of the scale. (Amazingly, we never fell over that year despite much fear that we would.)


I recall team 188 reaching something like 18 feet high in 2005. It was all wobbly. I have no idea how it didn’t fall over. Careful driving I guess.

Either one would be interesting.

What about FTC bots? I remember seeing tall robots, but I forget how tall they actually got. It was more impressive because they had to start within 18".

Check out Bowled Over. Teams got additional points based on how high they could get crates, and there were no height restrictions/max points.
Check out at 4:25:


This is what I was referencing, but does anyone have info on specifically how high they got to? The Orange Alliance doesn’t seem to have any scores recorded.

Based on the annoucer in that video, I believe he said two poles end to end were 18.5 feet, and the tallest robot almost was at the top of that, so I’m guess 18 feet is the current max for ftc.

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330’s 2004 robot, at full vertical stretch tip to tail, was somewhere in the 18-20’ range, if you could stabilize it long enough to measure before it faceplanted (and if my memory’s correct). It never tried to pull that maneuver off in a match, though.

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