What is the wiring for the FESTO valve?

What is the wiring for the FESTO high speed single selenoid valve?

It has three wires: Black, Purple, and Brown. I have tried connecting these wires in various combintations to a battery and haven’t been able to get the poppet to move.

I’m under the assumption that they work similary to the two wire SMC values. When I connect these wires to a battery I can hear the poppet move.


My team found after playing with it, that the black wire isn’t necessary. Use the other two wires like you would the other solenoids.

When we powered our FESTO, I heard the poppet move but there was no change in airflow. Any advice?

With the silicone coated circuit board in place, the little LEDs light when power is coming through.

If you hear a click while adequate pressure is applied to the pressure port, flow should change.

If you are using your lungs to provide the pressure, it won’t work - pressure too low
If your robot system is providing pressure, and you are checking operation with no load connected to the valve ports, the pressure you can get is still too low.

Without cylinders attatched, use some kind of flow control - either the grey flow control valves on the end of some tubing (not in the ports of the FESTO), or just kink the tubing in a 180 degree bend. then operate the FESTO valve, and see if the air goes the other way, by slowly releasing the tubing.

If it doesn’t, contact FESTO.