What is this? Archimedes or Monty Madness

I was looking back at the standings for CMP and went to look at the Archimedes standings…and it showed only 42 teams…then i looked up top and noticed that its titled “Monty Madness”…what is going on?


How bizarre.

When they set up the FMS for Monty Madness, they probably had the field electronics that came from Archimedes. And if they forgot to disable the auto uploading features for the event data, they’d get overwritten and this would happen (and you’ll see the rest of the event data appears to have been overwritten as well)

Do you mean the same physical field electronics? Because Monty was using the MAR field

They were running 4 team alliances in Elimination matches and the only event that could do that was CMP. They overrode the Archimedes event because it was the first one on the list .

Thebluealliance still has the correct data.

Yes, they could have been using the same Scorpion case. I know that in CT this weekend, we were using the NEFIRST field, but we had the electronics shopped separately from Manchester, so they could have been from anywhere

It seems back to normal now, except the alliance selection results are incorrect.