What is this foul for?

I am watching the Final 2 of the Miami Valley regional and team 5811 got a foul around the 1:30 mark of the youtube video. Can anyone tell me what it was for? Thank you.

I looked, but I don’t see it either…

I would say it was for launching. a few seconds before the flag went out, they shot a cube along the floor towards their null zone, while their bumpers were outside of the null zone.

It’s tough to remember that launching doesn’t just mean shooting in the air… it’s also “kicking across the floor”, per the blue box under G22.

When 5811 shot the cube to the scale bot, 5811 wasn’t in the null zone

Probably for launching the cube towards their partner while not in null territory.

I think it is for “launching” as bumpers not in null zone or touching switch

A few seconds before it is called, 5811 shoots a box towards 4028 (what I imagine is a launching), the ref just takes a second to walk over and wave for the foul.

According to G22 blue box, this is a launch: “D. “launching” (shooting POWER CUBES into the air, kicking across the floor, or throwing in a forceful way)”

Just a guess –
I watched some of Match 3 also and noticed 5811 got called more than once for ejecting the cube forcefully toward their scaling partner (Launching?). Watching the spot on your linked video, it appears that their previous move was to feed the scale robot (with perhaps too much energy?) and the ref is looking down at his hand (to be sure the blue flag is up?) and then waves the foul at the point where 5811 is merely picking up another cube.

But, it’s just a guess.

I didn’t realize that sliding the power cube across the ground was considered launching. Thanks for the reply.