What is this motor?


The coaches asked me, to ask CD, what this motor is. There are no markings on the motor. I have some photos attached.


The diameter looks like a 500 series motor (based on how it fits the BB gearbox). All the 500 series FRC-legal motors I am aware of have flux rings and different venting pattern from this.




Probably a vintage 550–looks like back in the late '00s (say about '07-'09). A couple of 'em came in the KOP in '07 as I recall, maybe '06 as well.


Looks like either an old 550-style motor, or a modern one with the flux ring removed. Either way, not legal for use on an FRC robot.


why not?


To be legal, it must be on the list given in R34, and cannot be modified by removing the flux ring (see R35).


Just found the exact motor after some hard digging. Model number RS-775126000

If it’s still not legal, that’s okay. I’m now curious how we would have gotten the motor in the first place. We’ve only been a team for 4 years so clearly we didn’t get in in the '07 KOP, but we don’t really go around buying motors like this so I’m lost for words.


Oh, you mean the “low-power 775”. (The other option–RS-775-18–had more power but one year was prone to case shorting.)

Nope, not legal. Use a 775Pro or Redline instead–you’ll still get more power.

It’s entirely possible that you guys got it from a veteran team in your rookie season, or there was a team at your school previously and the administration went “here, take these parts”. Would have been legal last year, and the gearbox is still legal–but the motor isn’t, and there are better options out there.