What is "TPC+CP"?

At week zero the team ranking display had a column marked “TPC+CP”. Googling turned up nothing, but oddly it did turn up numerous images of a FRC scoreboard with that heading. What does it mean?

It’s “Cumulative TELEOP POWER CELL and CONTROL PANEL points,” left over from Infinite Recharge. They’re probably going to change it.


Yeah, the columns on the rankings in general didn’t really line up with Table 11-2 at all, and it looked like FMS was still scoring fouls at 3 points and tech fouls at 15. They’ve still got a couple weeks to go, just like teams do. :slight_smile:

Why would they change it?

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This game kind of doesn’t have power cells or a control panel… I guess they could leave it in case someone brings a power cell and scores it. :stuck_out_tongue:


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