What is up with match videos in FIM

Why are the match videos coming up so late, or even not at all? Sometimes a few matches show up on one of the FIMvideo youtube channels but it is not all of them and they aren’t added to TBA. I feel like it’s been slower than last year so I was just wondering if something was changed this year.

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Which event? All Gull Lake match videos were up by Saturday night.

I have been wondering the same thing.

Strangely the Gull Lake event we just competed in yesterday most videos are up.

St Joe from last week has very few up.

This post explained they are using the Youtube API to upload, which basically limits them to 6 videos a day per channel. Why they go this route is something i have no answer to.

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I tried to time stamp all of my matches from kingsford and the stream was chopped up into 10-12 pieces. Some covering 6 hours of matches, others covering a single match.

Because the same system worked fine last year. It also allows the uploading to be done automatically, which means that the whole YouTube match uploading system takes around a minute total to set up at the beginning of the event.

Although I don’t usually work directly with FIM’s AV equipment, my understanding from talking to AV volunteers is that the videos are still recorded, and may be uploaded whenever the equipment is online (e.g. Gibraltar originally just had 12 matches uploaded to when the event finished, and it has many more now).

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With MSC coming up shortly, the lack of FIM district event video really stinks.

Michigan teams: Perhaps we can partially resolve this problem here ourselves. If you are willing and able, please post some of your own team videos on YouTube (or somewhere we can see them) and then post a link here and identify the event and match number. If you have already posted video, please make it public and let us know how to find it (tags, etc.).

Hopefully, this will at least allow others to see a match or two from each team. I will try to do my part by getting some our East Kentwood match videos uploaded.

If somebody has a better idea (or if this is already being done somewhere), please let me know.

If you search for "FiMvideo(insert stream number here) most of them are up on YT, just not to TBA.
For example Marysville matches all show up here: FiMVideo2

It looks like Troy, Lakeview, Midland, and Southfield are on this FIM Youtube channel. Some of the Midland videos show that they were only uploaded 2 days ago, meaning they were recorded on that fields A/V system, bust wasn’t able to upload until the equipment reconnected to the internet at the Troy event. Based on the number of videos that just uploaded, the system lost internet connection at Midland fairly early on Friday and never got reconnected. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwI8QJxwz1W8DzmGLMBdooQ/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=0

Gibralter, Milford, and Alpena #2 can be found here

Kettering #1, Belleville, Center Line, an Lincoln can be found here

St Joseph, West Michigan

If the videos have not uploaded yet, it looks like they will not upload until at least Wednesday or Thursday this week, when the equipment reconnects to the internet at the next event.

Midland and Shepherd were both uploaded to FIRST-GLBR’s channel, as they were both using GLBR AV equipment. I’m guessing that’s why only a few from Midland were uploaded to FiMVideo5.

I also found out this weekend that all recordings are synced to Google Drive and can be uploaded later, even when the AV carts themselves are offline. One of the people that usually does that was out of the country last week, though. Lincoln videos were uploaded to FiMVideo4 2 days ago, for example.

For reference, the numbers on the webcast channel guide match the YouTube channels (and the fields themselves).

As for TBA, I don’t think FIM’s setup has ever linked videos to TBA immediately, but it’s possible (although not fun) to do manually. Definitely check the YouTube channels if you’re looking for videos that aren’t linked on TBA.

Does anyone know if there is a reason Center Line’s twitch broadcast archive has been removed from Twitch? Also, if its possible, does anyone know when CL’s match videos might get uploaded to youtube?

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