What is your DIY Hobby

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My name is Andrew and I love to build wood ship kits. It’s my hobby comment your hobby lets see how many of us have same interest.


My hobby is reimagining how my city could be(and drawing it), in order to make it a much more pleasant place to live, hopefully I’ll find a way to make some of my ideas a reality some day.


I make food.


I’ve been exploring the mysteries of sourdough starter.

My new house pet is a yeast culture.

Naturally leavened; i.e., no industrial yeast. Just what grows in the jar on my countertop.


Home remodel. Completed down to stud master bath renovation in May. Once all bedrooms are done, tear out and remodel kitchen.


I’ve been practicing trying to make the perfect French omlet. It’s not quite there yet but it is close.


I miss robotics so I’m working on a Lego-built-but-not-entirely-LEGO-controlled marble sorter and warehousing system featuring model trains and a 6DOF arm.


Better on your countertop than in a mayonnaise jar on your front porch. Or Funk & Wagnall’s front porch.

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Hello Andrew, I’m Andrew. Good name.

I’m really interested in the aquarium hobby. I don’t have many photos of my work, but I occasionally stream my 55-gallon tank.


the trick is lots of butter, stirring constantly once the eggs hit the pan to make small curds, and folding it before the eggs look cooked. Carry over heat will finish the eggs on the plate.

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Wait we’re supposed to have hobbies OUTSIDE of robotics???


I like building and modifying cars. My latest project was swapping a Honda V6 into my wife’s Miata.


My hobby is buying, riding, and working on bikes. I currently have two mountain bikes and one fixed gear commuter bike. Below are pictures of my bikes.


Mine is 3D Printing lol. And I do some other things. Like I am trying to break the RSA and determine the shape of the circumference of the surface of a sphere. Well been working on the RSA thing for 2 years and on the circumference thing since 8th grade.


My wife and I are currently in the market for a Miata as well! Now’s the time to learn how to do stuff with cars :slight_smile:


I’ve been turning FRC team logos into cookies since April! There’s lots more on my Instagram



Paging @JamesCH95 and his Miata(that is color matched to their robots)


I got back into cycling after a 25+ year hiatus and started riding some of the country roads after work. A year ago, I picked up a used mountain bike, fixed it up and am learning to ride it. I just built a manual machine to learn some new skills.

A year ago, I picked up a smoker so I can learn how to make proper Texas BBQ. My wife and sons tell me that the BBQ in Vancouver (where I will be retiring) is not to the same standard.

I’m also saving up so I can build one of these when I retire.
@PatrickW did you use the kit from superfastminis or some other swap kit?


@philso Yep, I used the MiniTec kit, but I machined my own intake manifold and a few other parts.


Bro, don’t even get me started! You’ll love it!

Ping me with any questions or help you might need. I have most of the specialty tools to do Miata service too.

@PatrickW you gotta step up your game sucka! The 440hp LS is where it’s at.

I’m just teasing, any legit engine swap is great, and yours looks super clean. The above album is getting a V8 miata all sorted out while I was funemployed in 2015.

Here is a writeup for my turbo every-color miata: OC IRL for my 4th Cake Day! - Album on Imgur

The final engine in LEGOS actually came from the V8 car, funny how those things work out.

Clearly my hobbies focus on cars. I’ve since gotten an RX8 that I take to the track as often as I can.

My wife takes her MR2 sometimes.

I have also started doing some offroading in the past couple of years. Just last weekend some friends (ones I made in the MR2 and Miata worlds) helped me install a hidden winch inside the bumper cover.

Can hardly tell its there

It’s a 2006 Lexus GX 470 Sport, and a riot offroad.