What is your favorite FRC video?

I’ve been watching FRC videos ever since 2013 and have seen the production quality really transform over the years.

What is your favorite Frc video from any season? Comment your response.

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118’s 2014 reveal.


254 2019 reveal


Thats a great one, one of the only times I’ve ever seen a song from the 60s be used.

118’s 2014 Reveal Link


Quite informative video I must say.

254’s 2019 Reveal Link


254’s 2011 reveal video, there’s nothing inherently special about the way the video was filmed and it doesn’t use any fancy angles or cuts like other frc videos out there, but I think like it for its simplicity. “Here’s some pictures from build season, our prototypes, machining processes, and progress, now here’s the finished product completing the game objective.” It also helps that what they showed was amazing enough on its own, so there was no need for any added fluff. And, on a more personal note, watching this as a freshman at the time was one of my first ‘wow’ experiences you have when you get inspired by other teams in the world, so I think it holds a bit of a nostalgia factor as well.


I agree with you completely on that it really does highlight the building process behind the robot as well as the finished products. It also does a good job of actually showing how the robot works.

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254 in 2013

148 in 2015


Those are two of my very favorites as well. 254’s video on 2013 is one of the most effective designs I have ever seen. 148’s 2015 reveal is such an iconic video being most unique as well as efficient robots that year. Great music and editing as well.

118’s 2019, 2017 and 2015 reveal videos. Awesome production quality, good song choice and amazing robots - pretty much sums up every 118 reveal but I like these specifically.

Each of the 2013, 2014 and 2016 254 reveals are awesome IMO - they show the best features of the robot in a simple manner, which shows why they should win champs all the time.

Also, a shoutout to some Israeli teams, I really like 2630’s 2018 reveal and 1690’s 2016 and 2017 reveal videos

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My personal favorite is team 3309’s 2016 Orange County regional recap.

3309’s 2016 Orange County Recap Link

I really like 1690, Orbits videos as well. Have you seen there 2016 recap video? It is one of the best season recaps I’ve seen. It really tells a good story of their season.

1690’s 2016 Season Recap Link


What a great compilation highlighting all of the funniest moments of FIRST.

Oh wait, no this is actually my favorite


I like 1619’s 2018 recap too and every 1678 recap


This video is part of our standard rotation of things to watch in between Einstein finals matches. Definitely my favorite as well.


FRC 4613’s reveal videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrPaJ2cDBRG5anDkICpr5rg/videos

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I feel that 1619 as well as 1678 really made a big influence on the production quality of all first videos. Starting with 1678’s 2013 Championship recap.
1678’s 2013 Championship Recap Link


Their reveal videos are quite unique and use a lot of songs that are not like any other first teams. I really like their videos as well.