What is your favorite pit

What is your favorite pit you have seen? I would argue 6957 is the best but you know that’s just me.

pictures of it? I would say that my favorite would be our pit because they are wraped an look extremely cool


Pictures are nice I love that

custom wrap done by one of our mentors who works at a printing company

It looks kinda like that.

254’s pit is one of the brightest, cleanest, and most organized I’ve ever seen. The current iteration of it is something I want to draw inspiration from for my team’s new pit very much.

your right, it is very clean and brightness, but it lacks character I believe. It great but it doesn’t tell a story.

I unfortunately did not get a picture, but 4917’s pit in Tesla at Detroit was incredible! With all that rigging in place, I half-expected them to set up an overhead crane to lift their bot.

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that sounds cool

1075 has a really cool pit


4557’s is pretty dope

thats amazing

“LIGHTS!” is the story

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Yah baby, their pit was awesome, saw it at Ontario DCMP. Mind. Blown.

I remember this I thought you guys were making a boat cause the half’s looked like it.

If you want some character you don’t have to look much further than 4451 Robotz Garage.

All of their tools chests and battery chargers are behind that curtain to the left and right. I’ve been round back, it’s cozy but it’s very functional.

This pit is a place of many wonders…from CD quotes, to FRC memes, to puns, photos, and team logos. If you ever get to see it in person…definitely take a closer look.


Idk we had Smash in our pit.

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Clean, effective, and efficient IS the story, it’s very clearly reflected in their bots as well.

The triangulated parts at the bottom are actually cubbies, it’s practical too!