what is *your* process?

Posted by rebecca at 1/5/2001 7:27 PM EST

Student on team #192, gunn robotics team, from gunn high school.

This year our team is trying something new. We changed our initial design process around so that we come up with a strategy first, then design a robot to fit that strategy. All of this should be done by monday. We then split up into smaller component groups and work out the specifics of each device on the robot. (this part takes 6 weeks)

So what i want to know is: What process does your team use to decide upon an inital strategy and design?

Posted by Mike Carron at 1/5/2001 10:49 PM EST

Engineer on team #343, Metal In Motion, from Hamilton Career Center and Square D Company.

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Posted by rebecca on 1/5/2001 7:27 PM EST:

That is the process the we use on team #343. Basically we feel that the strategy is the most important agenda. We write a design specification around that agenda and design the robot accordingly. Obviously the strategy is decided by committee and has buy in by all team members before it is blessed. Then we “live and die by the sword” sort of speak. At any rate it keeps you focused and increases your odds to compete.
Mike Carron

Posted by Kate T190 at 1/6/2001 3:48 PM EST

Engineer on team #190, Gompei, from Mass Academy of Math and Science and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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Posted by rebecca on 1/5/2001 7:27 PM EST:

We’re in the process of finding a process that works well for us (note the correct english usage there, I usually say ‘good’ instead of ‘well’ :P)… So here’s what’s on the theoretical plate for this year…

Some group brainstorming meetings early on (specifically strategy)… Then break down into mini-teams and have different brainstorming meetings (specifically design, hopefully)… And by the end of the week, come back together and decide on what we want to have as the final strategy and design…

Of course, we’ll try to do that… And then end up changing things… So we’ll rework our strategy to fit our design and vice versa… But we’re going to try our best to keep with whatever we believe is going to be the best strategy…

T190 XO